Thirteen would have contributed to the increase of suicides in the USA


Published on May 04, 2019


Now, a new study finds that rates of suicide have increased in the month following the launch of the series among kids between the ages of 10 and 17 years of age: April 2017 has had the highest suicide rate in that age group in the last five years. On the contrary, the suicide rates among girls between 10 and 17 years of age have not increased significantly, despite the protagonist of the series is a girl.

The study, published Monday in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, may food therefore, further discussions on the effects of the Tv series, which is in production on the third season.

“Suicide is a problem all over the world, and it is so difficult to reduce these rates,” said Lisa M. Horowitz, a scientist at the National Institute of Mental Health's Intramural Research Program, “the last thing we need is something that increases”.

In a statement, a spokesman for Netflix, said: “We just saw this study and are examining the research, which is in conflict with the study of the last week of the University of Pennsylvania” – which was focused on young adults – “This is a topic of fundamental importance and we have worked hard to ensure the responsible management of the problem”.

The new study statistically it is, however, a correlation study, which means that the authors of it have not been able to establish if you watch the show, in reality, influenced in fact the will of the suicide of the viewer. But, unlike other studies, the researchers took into account the seasonal differences in the rates of suicide and recent trends, which showed a discontinuity only for this particular year, as noted by Matthew K. Nock, a psychologist at Harvard.

The study estimated that there were 195 suicides in 2017 in this age group than one would expect given the current trends.

Dr. Victor Schwartz, medical doctor at the JED Foundation, a group of suicide prevention among the young people, however, has stated that Netflix had consulted with the Foundation, the JED, and that the second season had made several recommendations of his group.

The dr. ssa Horowitz has also added that the data on suicide attempts, the authors of the research had not, they would have been able to tell another story: “The women of all ages are three times more likely to attempt suicide, but males are four times more likely to bring it to fruition... the increase among The girls may be in attempts”.

In both cases you will need a more detailed work to draw firm conclusions, said dr. Nock: “... this new document suggests that there may be an association between the Thirteen and the suicide rate. However, we must always be cautious when we try to draw conclusions on causation from the data correlational”.

Thirteen would have contributed to the increase of suicides in the U.S. is




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