ThermoPeanut detects the ambient temperature so...SMART!


Published on Sep 04, 2016


The control of the temperatures in your home or office is not at all simple or obvious: how many times have you happened to stay in an environment with the temperature wrong for hours and hours? If you are already Smart and use thermostats that are compatible with the protocol IFTTT (like the Nest) then the new ThermoPeanut is for you!

The new ThermoPeanut of Sen. if it is a device that is very small to be placed stably in any environment in which you want to monitor the temperature: thanks to the Bluetooth 4.0 and compatibility with the platform, IFTTT will be able to not only detect the temperature of the environment, but also to interact with other devices connected to IFTTT and issuing commands to your heating system or cooling.

Unlike similar products, this ThermoPeanut will not connect to HUB or ecus in this way reducing the costs of operation and installation: the user will not have to paste each ThermoPeanut on any area of the rooms you want to monitor, download the dedicated app available for iOS and Android and begin using the service. It will always be possible to monitor the ambient temperature even without a smartphone, referring to the small display on the device itself.

Thanks to these small devices will then be possible to automate some operations, such as turn off and turn on the heating of the house, you will be able to constantly monitor the temperature in various environments, also through charts and, through the dedicated platform, it will be possible to monitor the temperature of various environments, even those far away from home, provided that an authorized device to maintain synchronizations with all the ThermoPeanut scattered around the house.

Each ThermoPeanut costs 29€ and is now available to purchase through the website of the manufacturer.

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