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Published on Oct 17, 2016


Koogeek is definitely one of my favourite brands in terms of accessories “smart” interface to the iPhone and all Android devices. We have already reviewed the balance, offering also a discount coupon exclusive, but today we continue in the sector “Health”, I am talking about a thermometer.

In a similar way to Apple, Koogeek offers a free app through which we can store the data of the various measurements. This application all-in-one is compatible with the scale, the thermometer and also with a blood pressure meter, of which we will speak shortly. All the data can then be synchronized with the app Health iOS, shaping and enriching our Profile


Returning to the thermometer, characterized by a green color, very lively, we can say that it is a device very accurate. The measurement is performed through the ear or the forehead with two modes suitable for both adults and children.

On the thermometer we can also find a great display by which to display the results of the last measurement, but the more advanced functions are made possible by the application installed on the iPhone. For each measurement, in fact, we'll show you in real time the temperature registered on the screen of the smartphone. Will be saved also the date and time of the measurement, and it will outline the trend graphs to understand immediately when we had the higher fever, and when it was lower.

On the front of the thermometer, we find the two keys. The first is the one that performs measurement, and transfers the data to the application, the second is the one that allows us to change the mode of use.

The first mode of use is one for the adults, represented by the symbol of the ear. The measurement is done in two seconds by placing the thermometer in the ear, towards the ear canal.

The kid mode instead, allows us to use the thermometer on the forehead or on the temples and press and hold the measure button to perform the various “catches” of temperature. As soon as we'll release the key, there will be shown on the display only the average value of several measurements. All of this ensures a result that is more precise and accurate.

The device includes two AAA batteries, a protective cap and a hole in the bottom through which we can insert a strap to keep it tied to her wrist.

Measurements so simple, so fast and so precise are really a nice step forward compared to a few years ago. The application on the iPhone is very convenient because it can save the last 30 measurements.

The Thermometer Smart Koogeek Bluetooth costs 24,99€ with shipping included.





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