There is Mail for You: Emma Brown and the surprise to the 2 fan with Down Syndrome


Published on Feb 23, 2019


There is Mail for You has ridden more or less consciously the recent controversy that erupted around Emma Brown, and embarrassing claims that a well-known exponent of the Lega has vomited on him through social. After being invoked on the stage, in fact, the singer salento has been a guest of the famous transmission of Maria De Filippi to make a surprise to two of his fans with is Down Syndrome. Here's how it went...

The surprise of Emma Brown, you've got Mail was carried out in the usual manner in which they were sent to guests with Down Syndrome. The two lucky ones were accompanied in the studio by a relative, have made the acquaintance of Maria De Filippi and you are sitting on the sofa round.

On the other side of the envelope have found other relatives who, with a list in hand, they explained to the two protagonists of the episode – Henry and Claudio – a whole series of demands: from the deprivation of some objects to their loved ones to be more helpful in the household chores.

All of these demands, however, have found a motivation; if they agree to these guidelines, they will receive a gift really very special to meet their music idol, Emma Brown. The vision of the apulian singer, the two young protagonists have been taken the situation in hand trying to come to terms.

The time of the meeting between Emma Brown, Enrico and Claudio is finally here! What will be their reaction? 😉 #CePostaPerTe

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Come to an agreement, the envelope you've got Mail was open and the two fans were able to meet Emma Brown. And not only that, the boys were able to attend next to her during the promotional area in which Brown sang the single “the World”.

At the end of the performance, Enrico and Claudio, their relatives and Emma Brown were greeted by the hostess and were laid off all together.

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