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Published on Jan 11, 2017


Today paliamo of the best themes for Android free, a quick and easy way to personalize your smartphone or tablet. The mobile system of Google has always been distinguished for the countless possibilities of customization that it offers: just very little to change the built-in apps and the aesthetic appearance of your system to make it more suitable to our needs.

You can choose your keyboard, your browser and even your launcher and lockscreen.

It's not even a mystery that not everyone likes the interface of the stock Android or the various custom interfaces offered by many manufacturers. That's why on the Android store are available in different themes that change with just a few taps on the aesthetics of the system, allowing you to change the icons and background and make your unique device.

We have already spoken of the best icon pack, the choice of the right icons can give a completely different character to your screens by making it much more pleasant to the sight and fruition.

Now let us see what are the best free themes available on the Play Store.

A theme very original, with icons round that look hand-drawn. It is one of the best free themes for number of icons (it offers over 2200) also has a filter that mask the icons light allowing for excellent uniformity. It also offers a clock widget, 20 wallpapers in QHD and integration with MUZEI.

You can download le due nascoste Icon Pack from this address.

A theme with a small number of icons (about 230), but all beautifully made. To alert you to the possibility of masking the icons that light to ensure a certain uniformity. It is compatible with the terminals QHD, and it also offers him the possibility to download wallpapers.

You can download AXIOM for free from the Play Store.

A splendid Pack of icons minimalist XXXHDPI (192×192 px) - hand drawn. The icons are circular and very well made, it is possible to request the missing icons via comment. UR Icon Pack is compatible with a large number of launcher, and not the only one with the same name.

You can download UR Icon Pack for free from this link.

Another theme with icons XXXHDPI. Stands out from the crowd because it offers icons that are dark, from the design nice and simple. Has over 800 icons on the rise (it is updated every two weeks) and a convenient selector switch backgrounds with the ability to download new ones from the Internet. In addition, there's a comfortable panel in the material design and the ability to request the missing icons.


Really a beautiful work and one of my themes for free favorite. You can download it from the Play Store.

By the same team of authors of Moonrise, a theme, this time inspired by the day rather than at night. Very similar to Moonrise for features, this is a remarkable piece of work.

Find free Sunrise Icon Pack to this address.

If you like the retro look and pixellato of the old 8-bit games, then this theme will make you go crazy, offers over 860 icons HD to customize your experience. An Icon Pack that is simple and free that will do a pleasant step back in time, sin is the absence of a filter in order to standardize the icons would have made the result perfect.

You can download PixBit Icon Pack from this link.

The second theme for free the number of icons offered on the Play Store, in the moment of writing, it offers more than 4300! It is up to date often, and it is characterized by square icons with rounded corners perfectly made and high-definition (192×192 px). Also Fab support live wallpaper MUZEI and offers a dashbord in material design from which to apply the theme and also choose the backgrounds.


Fab Free Icon Pack is as the name says free on the Play Store.

Instead, if you prefer the theme introduced by Google with its new phone, the Pixels, this Icon Pack is free it will make you crazy. Pixel Icon Pack is the theme free with more icons! In fact, it offers the beauty of well-4460 circular icons HD (192x 192 px) - perfectly made ready to be used on your launcher. Also all what is offered by competitors: allows you to make requests, has a great dashboard where you can choose which icons to apply, lets you download wallpapers, is compatible with MUZEI and has a mask in order to standardize the (rare) icons absent.

Pixel Icon Pack is without a doubt one of the free themes Android more convincing you can find it at this address.

Our overview of the best themes for Android free is over, hopefully we have helped to customize your Android smartphone or tablet. Let us know which is your favourite subject, and if in the list we forgot to mention someone deserving!

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