The zombie apocalypse: a possibility not so remote

Published on Sep 09, 2018

The zombies: the protagonists of many films in the horror and some tv series. Creatures, hideous and hungry for human flesh, who manage to spread their terrible virus with extreme ease. But in reality it would be so remote the possibility of a zombie apocalypse?

The zombies are the characters unreal, that dominate horror movies and television series. They move slow, dragging their decaying bodies, animated by a strange virus that would attack humans to eat them. Beings are imaginative, nothing more. No, it couldn't happen to a zombie apocalypse in reality, however, there are some viruses that can make men similar to the infamous living dead.

There are some viruses that could cause effects in humans similar to those of the zombies in horror movies. Remember the sleeping sickness: a virus caused by the parasite Trypanosoma brucei and transmitted by tsetse fly, which causes in man behaviors similar to those of the zombies.

Anger is another terrible disease that leads to delirium and even the desire to bite. Necrosis is a deterioration of the dermal layer resulting in a physical resemblance to the living dead. Leprosy is common to much of the infected at the zombie because of the decomposition of the meat. The Syndrome of Cotard is a very rare disease and those affected is convinced to be already dead, or believes the death of the people around him, even smell the smell of putrefaction!

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is caused from the ingestion of beef contaminated by mad cow disease and this type of virus can determine a personality change and lead to dementia. The Amok is another disease that can lead to a murderous rage on the part of the infected. In all these cases, it is not talking about real zombies, however, these viruses remind us of them very much.

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