The Yes and the No Jordan's Love for the Packers


Published on May 01, 2020


A few days ago I wrote of how the pick Jalen Hurts from Howie Roseman I convinced. That Hurts is not the only choice in this Draft to me leave me puzzled, since, even if you advance that, in this case, my disagreement is less strong, also the choice of the GM of the Packers, Brian Gutekunst twenty-seven pick, later I did turn up the nose. And so here we are for a new "Why yes, why no" post - Draft 2020.

First, however, let me, a disclaimer. I don't want to do the contrary mary at all costs, the one that knows best for this or that or the other reason. I don't want to, in short, to make the GM from the keyboard. The work of Roseman, Gutekunst, and of their 30 colleagues was among the most difficult of the sports landscape in the world, and for this I rarely allow myself to criticize the choice of player X, even if only out of respect for those on the " player X has spent hundreds of hours more than me, has analyzed it from all possible angles and has decided to bet on it their place of work.

What I can criticize with the most knowledge of the facts, however, is the philosophy behind the choice of player X, not only because I have a degree in Philosophy – insert Mcdonald's joke here – but because behind the choice of a certain profile of player, we can read the direction that the management and coaching staff decided to give their free, and the vision that transpires from the choice made by the Packers is likely to be different than the one that I took. Or perhaps, different, is simply out of time.

The player X in question is the Jordan Love, the quarterback from Utah State, new Mahomes or new Trubisky depending on who you listen to. Don't listen to me, that the college football I follow the right, but listen to anyone who has analyzed – at the level of Italian I think of Salvatore Ioppolo GPI – and get your idea on the technical value of the player. So, like I said before, this analysis is not so much on the Love-player, but on what we have said of the Packers going up from 30 to 26 to bring it into Wisconsin.

As usual, however, I'll start putting myself in the shoes of those Jordan Love has chosen him to tell how I motiverei that pick.


If you read what I wrote about the Hurts, the argument here is very similar. I avoid to repeat myself, but I want to reiterate that point to the quarterback, beyond the round, the type of the prospectus or of the level of your starter, it is almost always a good idea. It is often fish in the net, why evaluate the QB is incredibly complicated, but usually support those who continue to throw the bait until you realize you have taken the right one, because for a GM to find the right one – or the heir of the right one – it makes the rest of the work infinitely more simple.
In the case of the Packers, this speech is even more valid, given that Rodgers is going to reach the top there the 36 springs and the succession to the throne is too important to be reduced to a hope that "your guy" to arrive at your location.

If Gutekunst had established that Jordan's Love is the new Dalai Lama of Tibet of Lambeau Field, I can only give him kudos for the courage to esserselo was going to take, facing the sea of controversy that the choice would and has generated.
The rest of Green Bay and The quarterback are a serious thing, and I don't blame the management for rising and having taken your man, the one that they think can fill the shoes of two of the greatest ever. Or rather, not the biasimerei in a normal situation, and as we will see further down that GB for me is not.


This one is easy. Just because you are not resting on the laurels of Brett Favre, the Packers have scored the biggest call of their history, guaranteeing the other 15 seasons of quarterback play celestial from 2005 to today (here is the video with the story of the day)

What we saw Thursday night, then, it seems the life-cycle of the NFL that is repeated at regular intervals as in a National Geographic documentary: the veteran of successful aging, the young, rampant, waiting behind her for a few years and then takes over. Today, this dynamic seems obvious and almost inevitable, but we must not forget that Rodgers twelve years ago it was not for nothing. It seems incredible in hindsight, but after the retirement of Favre, Aaron was welcomed to the sound of insults and even death threats.

Twelve years, a Super Bowl and 2 MVPS later, Jordan Love will have the enormous advantage of not having to suffer abuse from a fanbase that has learned from its own myopia, not to pick on those who is called in to replace a living legend. Therefore it is difficult that someone is in mind to send a hitman to Lombardi Avenue to make out the newcomer. On the contrary, the product of Utah State will enjoy a minimum of benefit of the doubt and the possibility of a sniff of a field in the NFL without having to deal with the hostility of their fans, and this, to a prospectus which is still to wean, it is essential.


After the first year as a Head Coach there is no doubt that Matt LaFleur is a very good playcaller. LaFleur led the Green Bay system, Sean McVay, to fit the personnel available, with a creativity that at the start of 2019 is not all – including me – as an officer. Systems of Rams, and the Packers are not identical, but they have two aspects in common that should help a quarterback to young to not be a victim of itself: the centrality of the outside areas and the simplified readings that this can result in the passing game. Both aspects are perfect for a QB that probably will find it hard to impact between the Pro. Just to see how much has improved Jared Goff in the first two years under the guidance of McVay. Of all the systems and the coaching staff in which he could finish, the GB for Jordan Love, it seems to me one of the best.
A fortiori, since, as you say lately it would have been just Matt LaFleur to push for Love.

Matt LaFleur described what he d want out of theoretical QB in the draft in Indy during the combine.

After drafting Jordan Love, when asked about what LaFleur likes about Love, he gives a rundown using nearly identical wording.

They think Love is it.

— Peter Bukowski (@Peter_Bukowski) April 28, 2020

In 2019, the things between Rodgers and LaFleur went well, but something tells me that the coach of Green Bay would prefer to have as soon as a quarterback in young, malleable and governable as from the bench as Goff has been for McVay: the conductor of an orchestra faithful to the score, written by the Head Coach, not a jazz musician, unpredictable, like Rodgers, that the score often the trash to improvise to the rhythm of his talent.
If things are so, in addition to having the protection of a padded environment, Love will be able to count on the unconditional trust of their Head Coach. It's not a bad starting point.

The ones I listed are all valid reasons, that in normal conditions I do not give any problem. But as I told those of Green Bay are not situations and, above all, timing normal, and here are many of the “Why not” you are about to read.


As we know, the NFL is a copycat league. As soon as a coach raises the Lombardi Trophy, among other 31 the hunt to try to copy the secret of its success. If Henry Ruggs III and his bathrobe were so quick to be chosen, is (also) why Ruggs was the receiver faster, and the speed of Tyreek Hill is the one that decided the Super Bowl for the Kansa City Chiefs.

Clearly, in the future article more counterfeit from the workshop of Andy Reid will be Patrick Mahomes, and to me nothing takes away from the head that Jordan Love has been pushed a little further up from the comp – legitimate or not – with the 15 of the Chiefs: both out of College raw, and uncertain in the readings, but super talented and blessed by The gods of football with a right arm, resounding.

Jordan Love has a CANNON

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Do you remember anything?

The problem is that not every runner wins the Super Bowl, and not every QB that sending balloons into the stratosphere to become MVP. When you drafta this type of players, the possibility of falling for John Ross and Deshone Kizer are higher than those of running into a Tyreek Hill or a Pat Mahomes.

Let us remember, then, that the way in which the Chiefs were able to clean up the game, Mahomes in a single season is the exception, not the norm. With this, of course, I'm not saying that Jordan's Love will be a flop and there is nothing to prevent There in a couple of years to succeed to make the holder ready "right out of the gate".

In fact, the problem for me is not if Love to be able to do the one step technical and mental, but the expectations that the rhetoric of a simplistic of the “new Mahomes” could lay on his shoulders. In short, I fear that if he does not throw for 5 TD in the second by the owner to someone – inside or outside of the state of Wisconsin – may be tempted to appiccicargli on the label of bust.




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