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Published on Feb 14, 2018


The popular TV series the X-Files has come from a few weeks to season 11. In conjunction with the large and highly anticipated return to the small screen agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, he landed on the App Store the long-awaited X-Files: Deep State; in this new title branded with Creative Mobile, we will be catapulted in the first person in the dark and mysterious cases of the X-Files, the note section of the FBI assigned to the most mysterious murder cases that are often related to paranormal phenomena, or of the implication of extraterrestrial. To be successful the development team to recreate that atmosphere so beloved by millions of viewers around the world? Let's find out now in our review.

The title of Creative Mobile serves as an interactive adventure game that will ask you of facing several cases of murder where a rational scientific approach may not be exactly the best choice to unravel the dark mysteries hidden behind the mysterious crimes. Often you'll be faced with a fork in the road “believe” will be in many cases the right choice, but you will face soon obscure the machinations and designs of government that will try to make you deviate from your path of investigation.

Contrary to what many of you may have hoped for, the protagonists of the adventure will not be the usual darlings of the TV series. The adventure will fall, in fact, in the role of a young FBI agent whose name and appearance will be fully customizable to the player during the early stages of the game. The adventure is the structure in different cases (with more coming soon) that will follow a narrative that will lead our protagonists to move on from simple agents of the FBI at the components section, in the X-Files. Behind several cases of murder seemingly simple solution, there always seems to be multiple roads to take, and these roads will often be related to your intuition and your mental approach to face the various trials. You will be in fact subjected to various mini-games where you have to find the evidence useful to the investigation but also the various interrogation during which you can adopt an approach more in the style of Dana Scully (rational, scientific), or in the style of Mulder (and more determined in believing in the possible implications of ‘non-human’).

The choices undertaken by you will affect the narrative of the game, overall nice and smooth despite being limited almost exclusively to the dialogues at a scroll superimposed on the static images. Will still be the recurring apparitions and the quotations of iconic characters of the popular saga as Mulder, Scully, Skinner and the mysterious ‘man who smokes’; all of this contributes without a doubt to make the player feel a little more at home.

Despite a narrative on the whole more significant, to do a little turn your nose up at only the choices in terms of gameplay introduced into the game. The title as said before is composed in fact by a whole series of minigames compounds by the analysis of scenes of crimes or other places related to the investigation but also of interviews and dialogues in multiple-choice that inficeranno on the happenings of the game. Often, in fact, some of these games are designed in ways that are a little coarse and simplistic, not to say almost trivial.

The free-to-play title (to tell the truth, for nothing pushy and frustrating) will force you to revisit some crime scenes to find different objects and accumulate scores on the basis of the speed with which they will be tracked down, progressively increasing the difficulty level on the achievement of the objectives. They appear at times a little out of the context of the game and almost forced, with a mechanical, not very convincing, and in contrast with other much better in context to the adventure of the game. Everything inspires in some cases a feeling of repetitiveness, wanted to unlock, for example, the stars that will give us access to the next game.

Nothing too tedious to be clear but, in our opinion, more variety and imagination would have led to a greater appreciation of the title reveals itself to be absolutely enjoyable to both small doses and during long game sessions. Against you there will be the usual ‘energy’ by now well known, the energy that will run out when you play some of the scenes but that it will recharge quickly enough, without requiring you to force to stop the session and wait for too much time should not be too directed to purchase supplies or resources to accelerate the adventure. Va then made a round of applause to the development team for making the game absolutely enjoyable in spite of the publication adopted.

The game certainly makes you appreciate a good artistic accomplishment; the designs and the environments are well realized, even if the soundtrack does not always succeed in making a breach in our hearts because of some theme is quite dull, and that doesn't suit the dark atmosphere of the TV series. The title can certainly recall in part those are some of the typical aspects of the saga, but there's no denying that the brand is more than a source of inspiration for advertising, rather than a re-enactment of the faithful in all its aspects. The X-Files: Deep State definitely attracts the most for the reference to the saga and the content within the game, but once you start your investigation, you will find pleasant to spend some time in the company of this title.

Please note that the title is free with in-app purchases, and is compatible with iPhone and iPad with iOS 10 or later; point definitely in its favor the presence of a full localization in Italian language.

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