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Published on Mar 25, 2018


My Struggle IV, called in the Italian language, The Lost Son, is not only the final episode of the eleventh season of the X Files, but it is also the last episode focused on the mythology of the series. Unfortunately, however, the impression that the story has ended makes the complex evaluation, because if the series continues the many points left pending would have a meaning, otherwise it would be simply the end of a TV series, the historical part of this incomplete and patched.

The screenplay and the direction of My Struggle IV are entirely in the care of the creator of the X Files, Chris Carter, so what you see is exactly what you wanted to show you the father of the series.

The plot for the extermination of the human species through the use of a pathogen alien is still in place, and the Man who Smokes must be stopped. But how? And where is William, the son of Dana Scully and the Man who Smokes? And what are her actual powers? What is his role in this whole nasty story?

My Struggle IV gives an answer to these and other questions, but in some way incomplete: some of the images shown and, in particular, the very last scene of the episode, leaving viewers with more questions, but at the moment we still do not know if they will find an answer in any twelfth season without the crucialissimo key figure of Dana Scully (remember that Gillian Anderson has declared that he would have left the X Files), or if, instead, would remain suspended in a sort of limbo.

The Lost Son with Special Agent Dana Scully shares of the disturbing visions on the future, William is the main protagonist of this episode. The boy is hunted by people who want to study it out to discover the origins of her mysterious and dangerous powers.

Agent Scully is, therefore, more concerned for the safety of his son, and is convinced that the only person in the world able to save the person that she is “the key” is what she considers to be her father, Fox Mulder. However, even his life is in serious danger, while William continues to fleeing, refusing any kind of help, because she believes that no one can really be able to help you.

Finally, the audience can not only to know the previous history of William, from his adopted family to the discovery of his powers, until the inevitable escape, which seems to have no end.

The tagline of choice for My Struggle IV is a reference to the title of a controversial work attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, which dates to around 1500, but that may not be an original of the great Master.

The painting shows Jesus while he is giving his blessing with his right hand, while the left hand holds a transparent globe, a symbol of the Universe, of which Christ is the only Lord and Savior:

Chris Carter has explained that he adopted this symbolism because in the episode there are 3 characters which can be assimilated to the Savior:

As a whole, My Struggle IV is an episode from which we might have expected something more, but the open ending suggests that there is an intention to continue in the narrative. It remains to be seen if this will happen or if we'll have to be satisfied with this ending.

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