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Published on Mar 18, 2018


Lovers of horror, the X Files this time she has thought of you! Nothing Lasts Forever is an episode very intriguing, disturbing and shades of really dark, a panacea for the eleventh season, which is still almost always at the highest levels really high if it makes an exception for the last episode, Familiar, weak, under different points of view, as you can read in our review.

Nothing paranormal, or aliens, or conspiracies in government in this episode, but only story is dark, macabre, and sometimes disgusting, with a dash of religious fanaticism; a turning point really unexpected and bold, but those who love the genre will appreciate and enjoy with joy.

We are in the infamous Bronx, and the episode has a beginning, a sort of operating room improvised, in which are shown of people trying to extract the organs from the body of a donor. It is still alive. This operation is abruptly interrupted by the irruption of a girl, who manages to steal most of these organs to be able to donate to a nearby hospital, after you have entered them in a container that has written “I will repay”.

Precisely because of this inscription, which makes us think of a ritual homicide, our agents Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate on the case

As for the phrase “I will repay” (“I will pay”, or “I will repay”) that may seem like a threat of revenge as another, in reality it is a quotation taken from the Bible, more precisely from the Letter of St Paul to the Romans, chapter 12, verse 19, which quotes:

Do not do yourself justice by yourselves, beloved, but leave it to the wrath of god. For it is written: “vengeance is mine, I repay,“ says the Lord.

Who are the surgeons improvised that extracting organs from living people and their victims? Why do they do this? And who is the girl that seems to want to fight alone against what seems to be a dangerous criminal organization?

The tagline chosen for Nothing Last Forever is the phrase “I want to be beautiful”, and it is perfectly fitting, as the history at the basis of this episode is focused on the search of eternal life and eternal youth.

Barbara Beaumont is a former actress, 85-year-old, but it shows a little more than 30. In order not to arouse suspicion on this oddity, the woman lives as a recluse in an apartment with his partner, dr. Randolph Luvenis, and a large group of followers of a cult, at the head of which fits precisely the pair, even if in reality the adoration of the divine is all for Barbara, because dr. Luvenis commits acts of atrocious, with the only purpose to make happy his woman, and whose only desire is to live for ever, maintaining its beautiful, youthful appearance.

This theme is in contrast with what happens in reality to all of us, and it is also in this case, the occasion, as has already happened in the previous episodes, to emphasize the ceaseless flow of time, which will also lead to the inevitable end of the X Files: in this episode, Scully makes fun of Mulder, because of advancing age, is now forced to wear glasses that correct his presbyopia, caused, as dr. Scully points out, from aging.

As already mentioned, Nothing Lasts Forever is an episode in the alienating, experimental, macabre, which also analyses the strong contrast between unconditional love and the morbidity of the way in which this sentiment, which should be pure, is instead experienced by the two protagonists and shown to the spectators.

No half terms or scenes that give a glimpse into what is happening, without showing it directly: this time you chose not to leave anything to the imagination of the spectators, but to put them in front of the harsh reality shown in all of its aspects and even with tight shots to convey a marked feature of an unhealthy atmosphere that makes it almost perceptible smell of blood.

The choice was risky, bold, but has given its fruits, showing for the first time in this eleventh and final season images really very strong that they will make the excitement of the fans of horror and splatter, also thanks to a technical realization of the special effects very realistic, which immerses viewers in the action, and almost want to challenge them to resist the disgust to continue in an integral vision of each scene, how raw it is.

The rawness of the images is contrasted by the aspect of introspective and intimate of the presence of faith, lived out by many of the protagonists of this episode, and its absence in a man like Fox Mulder.

A little as stated by William Friedkin about his masterpiece, The Exorcist, and also Nothing Lasts Forever is a story that speaks to us of faith, which is analysed under five different points of view:

The psychological investigation, the dark atmosphere, the strong images and even spirituality are all elements that make up this episode, and that makes it one of the best ever in this last season of the X Files. Look at him, and (not) regret it.

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