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Published on Mar 02, 2018


The most recent episode of the X Files is completely disconnected from the rest of the series, and it is, therefore, something separate and independent from the events to which we are accustomed to, and cites, once again, Black Mirror, both in the setting and for the fact that it is, in fact, an episode was independent.

Rm9sbG93ZXJz is, in fact, set in a future dystopian which seems to be not too far away, and shows Mulder and Scully in the appearance of a completely different, giving the impression that the events narrated are part of a different timeline from our own, and that they operate in a parallel universe (a theme already treated ironically in the fourth episode of this eleventh and final season of the X Files). Our do not seem to even agents of the FBI, but rather of ordinary citizens.

The unspeakable and the cryptic title of the episode explains if you convert in our alphabet, since it is a transposition in the code of the base64 of the word “Followers”. The tagline of the episode follows this same logic, reciting “VGhlIFRydXRoIGlzIE91dCBUaGVyZQ=”, which results in the classic “The Truth is Out There”.

The episode begins with a voiceover that warns people about the probable dangers that lurk behind an excessive development of Artificial Intelligence, the topic is treated here, however, in a way very ironic.

After that, Mulder and Scully are shown inside a japanese restaurant through a particular frame that he wants to call the painting “The Night owls” (Nighthawks”) of the american artist Edward Hopper, famous for the effect is strongly evocative of his works, usually inhabited by very few humans, an empty world. The same work is repeated later in the episode, to emphasize the effect of solitude and coldness, which is transmitted from the episode itself.

It is also interesting to note how the protagonist of the painting has red hair, like our Dana Scully, the two FBI agents are also positioned as the two protagonists of the work, with the only difference being that we, here, the cone completely alone:

The alienating effect is even greater than the work of Hopper, not only because the two are completely alone (and will be for almost the entire episode), but also because, for some long minutes, not exchanging even a word, taken as they are from their electronic devices.

The lack of dialogue is, therefore, itself functional to the transmission of an unpleasant sensation of loneliness.

The episode covers this topic with a certain degree of irony, typical of many episodes of the more recent history of the X Files. Our will, as already mentioned, the only human beings on the screen until almost the end of the episode, and will be in a fight with some electronic devices and machines, that follow them wherever they go with a threatening. The reason is easy to guess, and this is precisely what characterizes the episode as a vision rather ironic about the hypothetical future conflict between humans and Artificial Intelligences are particularly advanced.

Rm9sbG93ZXJz is yet another interesting experiment this last season of the X Files, which again shows how much this series is in step with the times and always very up to date, modern, and ready to trial, new episode.

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