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Published on Feb 04, 2018


Ghouli is a episode, suspended between dream, illusion and reality, in which will have a primary role in the character of Jackson Van De Kamp and his relationship with Dana Scully, with which he seems to have a strong link to the psychological level.

Also this time, the tagline the classic X-Files is replaced by a phrase of which the meaning will be more clear unaman hand proceed, in the vision of the episode. We can, however, tell you that this special feature, brings to mind characters such as the good Freddy Krueger, because the power of Jackson is in get in telepathic contact with other people in a particular time and slumbering, generating in their minds, pictures so vivid that they seem absolutely real.

Apparently, however, the mysterious boy can control what they see the people close to him even while they are awake, doing precisely them see what he wants you to see, just as anticipated daalla new tagline.

If Jackson is truly capable of projecting whatever image you want in the minds of those around him, perhaps Ghouli does not even exist, maybe it's just an illusion created by the boy to terrorize the two girls who are in pursuit of the monster, and who end up being hospitalized because of the injuries in the clash. Or maybe his aim was...

Continuing in the investigation to unveil the true identity of Ghouli, also, agents Mulder and Scully seem to find a link between Ghouli, Jackson, and what is called “Project Crossroads”, a government project in secret that has the purpose do create hybrids between humans and aliens.

Starting from the famous incident in Roswell, in fact, the government of the United States of America has always been interested more in the development of their knowledge of the technology and alien DNA, which is not surprising at all that they were also trying to fuse two DNA so different that the alien and the human.

Unfortunately, however, the project was stopped due to the huge unpredictability of the results arising from this mingling genetics: the subjects used as guinea pigs for these experiments, in fact, have been able to develop special powers not only impossible to predict, but also very difficult to control, especially if linked to the sphere of mental and mental, more than physical.

For these reasons, it is easy to understand how the life of Jackson is in danger, but, fortunately, the boy developed a mental link unintentional with the one person who might really be able to help him: Dana Scully.

Because Jackson is in touch with Dana Scully? The agent continues to meet, half asleep, in the same house, thanks to the exploration of which Dana will follow the trail of crumbs of bread, dating from him, he also unaware of the reason why, among all the people of the world feel a special bond with the colleague of Fox Mulder: that it is William, the son of the woman and the Man who Smokes?

The open end of the episode suggests that this story is not yet over, and that perhaps will be taken up in the final episode of this latest season of the X Files, so all that remains is to wait for the inevitable end of this historic and iconic sci-fi series.


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