The X Files 11×04 – The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat | Review


Published on Jan 28, 2018


The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat revolves around the intriguing concept better known as the effect Mandela. Or was the Effect Menghele? However, it is a phenomenon linked to the collective memory of events or people, but in the minds of some individuals are slightly different from those of anyone else: it is just a trick of the memory, or is the effect a mental manipulation of mass, or proof of the existence of parallel universes?

This is the fourth episode of the eleventh and final season of the X Files is the first explicitly ironic, but don't let that fool you: the events narrated have a plot, rather complex, and the theory presented and the way in which they are told are really very fascinating.

The protagonist of the story, together with the agents Mulder and Scully, is Reggie, a mysterious man who claims to know our heroes, but that is completely absent in their common memories, so who is the real Reggie?

The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat is also strongly related to a television series, historic, blends of great inspiration for the X Files, since its very beginnings: it is The Twilight Zone, known in Italy under the name To the Borders of reality, both of the first scenes presented, which refer precisely to an old episode of the series, the many references elsewhere in the episode: some of the scenes, in fact, seem to be almost extrapolated from an episode of The Boundaries of reality.

It is a mataepisdio, both of these expedients for the fact that, at a certain moment, the episode speaks directly to the audience, by making you doubt even their own memories.

The great irony with which are narrated the events is also a great way to be able to present certain events, which makes the scene dynamic and delicious, as well as compelling.

Even the final is not entirely clear, and will leave you still have doubts about the veracity of the facts narrated.

Fox Mulder will also be a need to reaffirm their identity with a couple of minor characters: Mulder and Scully, in fact, investigate the great mysteries of the Universe and the underwater world of the many plots which the world is victim to “before you see your first trail chemistry,” to quote the same Mulder, which is a clear reference to the birth of the series. In contrast, however, there are also references to its end.

Again, the agents of the FBI, the most famous in the history of television, and reaffirm, not only to be left with the only bulwarks of the search for truth in this world, but also that their adventure is headed toward an inevitable end, which helps to create a nostalgic atmosphere that leaves a little’ bitter taste in the mouth.

The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat is the umpteenth demonstration of how X-Files is both a television series and classic pace with the times. The interweaving of events, the character of Reggie, the many references to the sci-fi series To the Borders of Reality and the ever-present irony, never an end in itself, but always functional to the narrative, the mind games with the audience: these are the major strengths of this intriguing episode, that will tickle your fantasy.

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