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Published on Jan 15, 2018


The latest season of the X Files is proving to be truly a product of excellent quality, in particular thanks to this gripping second episode.

This contains all the elements that have prompted millions of fans to become passionate about this series: the twists, plots, and puzzles to solve, chases, mysteries, the Ramones, all written and directed in masterly fashion by Glen Morgan.

Also in this case, the tagline, and the initial “I Want to Believe”, has been replaced, this time, the sentence reads: “the Accusations of your enemies of the crimes of which you are guilty” (“Accuse your enemies of the crimes of which you are guilty”).

The episode opens with the sound of California Sun, a song of the punk band the Ramones:

Three individuals are mysterious interested in getting possession of the smartphone agent Fox Mulder, who is behaving in a rather bizarre: Richard Langly, dead now 16 years, is in fact using the device for contact with his old friend...

How can Richard Langly still be alive? And how manages to hack the smartphone of Fox Mulder? Who are the men who do not want this to happen, and what a terrible secret to hide? What role he has in this story, Walter Skinner, and that part is?

To answer these and other questions, our heroes must work together and try to solve some puzzles by following the bread crumbs left by Langly to the discovery of what is going on.

The strength of this eleventh season of the X-Files lies in the ability to combine the feeling of classic to which they are accustomed fans of historical series to a wise use of the most modern technology, proving once again that this series is perfectly able to keep pace with the times.

In fact, it is the same Skinner to declare that the world has changed, but both agents Mulder and Scully, Chris Carter are perfectly able to follow these changes.

Of the rest, the X Files over the years has made the school, becoming one of science fiction's most famous and beloved than ever, thanks to its inimitable blend of action, conspiracies on a global level, and mystery. In This there is even a sense of humor, a trait by now distinctive a brilliant Fox Mulder.

Like a dog chasing its tail, This is very reminiscent of some of the episodes of Black Mirror, a series whose creators are certainly no strangers to the charm of the X Files.

In this episode, in fact, Glen Morgan shows us a cold, futuristic and dystopian, where things are not always as they seem.

While My Struggle III is an episode that is admittedly tied to the mythology of the X Files and closely linked to the events which had ended the tenth season of the series, This is an episode half-way.

From a part, the return of a character as Langly makes you think that it's an episode dedicated to the mythology of the X Files, but on the other hand, as you continue in the vision of the episode, it is clear that it is also an episode in its own right.

A skillful mixture of elements, a great director, the actors of which we know the quality and a story from the solid structure and compelling are all elements that make This a great second episode for the eleventh season of the X Files, that will certainly not disappoint the expectations of his demanding public, especially after a tenth season is not too bright.

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