The X Files 11×01 – My Struggle III | Review of season 11


Published on Jan 07, 2018


My Struggle III, as the title suggests, it is linked in some way to the final episode of the tenth season of the X Files, and is the first of two episodes of this current season that will follow the mythology of the series.

A special feature of this episode is the fact that the tagline classic “I want to believe” is present in the initial theme is made to follow another: “I want to lie”...

The episode opens with a monologue of a Man who Smokes, alias C. G. B. Spender, aka Carl Gerhard Busch, in which this mysterious character speaks of current issues, complemented by images that represent, for example, the current President of the United States, Donald Trump.

The man reveals a wealth of information, as well as their own personal point of view on the modern era.

Despite Dana Scully living away from his son William, and not even know where she is, the woman is strongly linked to the guy, that will be essential to save the life of Fox Mulder, as she will reveal his oddly skeptical colleague.

Throughout the course of the episode, Scully is a victim of several attacks, that the bring of losing the senses, but which bring with them visions. The threat of the virus Spartan is still present, so you need to prevent the epidemic and consequent extermination of the entire human race. And perhaps will be just the visions of Scully the key to be able to prevent this massacre.

My Struggle III proves to be a good episode to start from for this the eleventh season of the X Files, thanks to a director at the height that it also provides a sense of aseptic coldness.

The Man who Smokes is central in this episode, thanks to an unexpected revelation in line with this character, a cold calculator ultimately devoid of feelings and willing to do anything to achieve his goals.

The plot of the episode is engaging, and the performances of the actors are at the height of the expectations. Mysteries, revelations, and the conspiracies are some of the themes always the focus in X-Files, and fans of the series will be happy to know that are also present in this episode.

Of course, do not provide all the answers to the questions, but it is sure a good starting point that refers to the classical seasons, and the mythology of the series.

As it often happens in X-Files, the plots and the hazards you face seem to be of the obstacles almost insurmountable to a small group of people ready to do anything to protect humanity.

A deadly epidemic, continue, often flooded, being, the project of Man who Smokes, and the role of William in this scenario are the backbone of My Struggle III, in which the guy is often mentioned, but shown only for a few brief, fleeting moment, to come in a little clear at the end of the episode: we see briefly what seems to be William, in a shot out of focus and has a seizure, apparently similar to those of which he is a victim of his mother.

This revival of the themes dear to the classic series of X-Files seems almost a return to the origins, but it's really still too early to be able to judge future developments, for which all that remains is to wait to see them in the second do episode dedicated to the mythology of the X Files.

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