The X Factor 9, what to expect from the semi-final

Published on Dec 03, 2015

As anticipated at the beginning of the program, one of the main new X-Factor 9 concerns the first time, and that all of the semifinalists will affect to debut on the record market.
Well, the time has come for David, Giosada, Urban Strangers, Moosek, Enrica: these are the names of the five semifinalists that in the episode of Thursday 3 December (the semi-final, in fact), will sing for the first time live their song debut.

There will be no one to the team of Mika, after the elimination of Luca, while the Skin and focuses on his young singer.
We'll see if the new songs scompagineranno the fate of the contestants of Mika and Elio, both with two talents still in the game and what's going to happen in the course of the semi-final which promises to be full of the essence of XF, including guests.

Super guests are former champions of the X Factor.
Can't that be a good omen, for the semifinalists, up on the stage that will be occupied (and “blessed”) by two former winners of the talent in the past editions. Guests of the semi-final will be, in fact, Lorenzo Strawberry, who just a year ago, triumphed on the stage of the XF8 and Marco Mengoni, who, instead, was the king of XF3 in the now distant 2009.
Strawberry, next to surrender the scepter to the new winner, is about to conclude the tour of her first album in 1995 and has already announced to be working on a new project. In the meantime, the question is: will return to the stage original with the new look bottle blonde or return to the “old” mop dark?
Marco Mengoni, now a veteran of the Italian discography, will present I love You truly, taken from the new album What I didn't, out Friday 4 December, and the second part of the project started with the hard Words in a circle.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time.
Unreleased tracks, which represent the first single and the ticket from the entry in the discography of the national, one of the goals of the competitors (the other, of course, is the victory). For them and with them (David and Giosada are also among the authors) have worked the judges (Skins for the passage of Enrica), and the names of some Italian authors.
These are the unreleased tracks of the semifinalists of XF9: Giosada – The Regret You (Giosada – Pacific – A. Tafuri); and David – My Soul, Soul Trigger (Chanty – D. Sciortino – L. Chiaravalli); Enrica – I Found You (Skin – G. Van Offeren); Moseek – Elliott (E. Pucci); Urban Strangers – Runaway (G. Raia – A. Iodice – E. Myrrh – R. Ferrante).

Italian vs. English: 1-4.
There is nothing to do: despite the successful experiment of the sixth live, with a first heat entirely dedicated to the Italian song, the semi-final back at the sign of international music, that is the apdrona even in unpublished. The only one to bring a single in English is Giosada.

The two heats.
Also the semi-final will be structured in two rounds: the first, in which all competitors will sing their unreleased; a second, in which those who did not end in a runoff, is going to sing a cover, which discussion is dealt with separately.

The fifth judge.
For the second race, in the jury there will also be a judge of the exception, next to the “fantasici four” Elio, Mika, Fedez and Skin: with them, there will also be Linus on Radio Deejay.


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