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Published on May 10, 2019


About a year and a half away from the previous Gnomicide – Rust Kingdom – our review HERE – the volcanic Sponge puts the hands in that cauldron of ideas that is The Rust Kingdom for a second spin-off titled The Wizard Hat – Another Rust Kingdom.

A hermit/ranger is attracted by some mysterious “signals.” His wandering is marked by the passage in places inhospitable and a fight for survival against a voracious creatures.

When the mysterious “signals” will lead him to an equally mysterious pyramid, for the explorer the object of his search will be clear and at hand: a cap.

Without getting lost in pleasantries, the hat is now worn catapulting the protagonist in contact with an entity capable of show the past, present and perhaps the future. Battles, destruction and genesis of the same hat intertwine until you return abruptly to reality, where the hat/entity takes full possession of his guest in a brutal, and is then free again to enter into the world animated only by a sinister foreboding: “Now, now I know... now I know what I have to do...”

There is something promethean and definitely mystical in The Wizard Hat – Another Rust Kingdom, but also something extremely disturbing.

Once again Terry used the technique of the book is “silent” – except for the only two final bars – as a key to stylistic reading of this short but, as always, incisive new piece in the cauldron that is Rust Kingdom.

If the main work was converging all the love for the manga, and action comics in general, and in the first spin-off sometimes resurfaced, instead, a certain element of horror in this second spin-off to the attention converges on an item in which the author places the core theme of the book itself.

Terry, once again, free from the burden of the word to tell the strong images, recovering, and re-editing, of course, with his unmistakable style, the lesson of a certain comic strip years ’70 of the French school, psychedelic and rarefied.

The instrument chosen for this interesting “experiment” is the two colours in which the black-and-white will clash with the neon pink, which is the conductive element in the first pages and then explode in the central and final.

It is not a random choice that Terry in fact is the underlying element of the cap and of the entity that governs that becomes sentient and dominant. The author seems to want to ask what is the knowledge.

A longing so strong, a beast uncontrollable, a sacrifice that is impossible to escape, something that touches deep and leaves no obvious signs.

Here is the unfortunate protagonist is the experience of the past, present and future in visions that they are an allegory of knowledge itself, understood as the strength inscrutable that finds its fulfillment in the final page in which the protagonist is not only transformed physically, but the mission takes on connotations which are equally inscrutable.

The sponge seems to want to send this message then: knowledge is a toilsome journey, of transformation, and not without consequences.

In an era of lack of knowledge – in the broadest sense of the term – the message is strong, but it is also scary because it reaffirms that they are indeed “few” who can I/want to know.

From the graphical point of view, in addition to the already mentioned use of two colors, Sponge declines its typical trait in favor of a construction of the table of vertical, horizontal and in large panes that reflected the taste settantiano mentioned just above.

The edition Hollow Press is the classic and very solid column, agile and well packaged, without any tinsel.

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