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Published on Dec 17, 2018


When it comes to Vertigo, you think immediately to the atmosphere, and narrative horror and fantasy. The label on the adult of the DC public for the past several years the comics of various genre, but it is undeniable that the tones and the mystical/esoteric have always been prominent. The shows in this volume, RW Lion, which includes The Witching Hour, a miniseries of three numbers are certainly in line with the necklaces, the themes in the occult that have made the fortune of this editorial division.

The Witching Hour, in fact, picks up a old brand of DC. Towards the end of the sixties, in fact, the publishing house published a comic-book with this title, which proposed the horror stories self-conclusive-as told by the Three Witches, Mordred, Mildred and Cynthia, signed by the authors. At the beginning of the nineties, the brilliant Neil Gaiman shooting in his acclaimed saga of the Sandman, and from that time have repeatedly appeared in other series Vertigo.

In this mini-series, however, the writer Jeph Loeb presents us with new protagonists, writing a story focused of course on magic and the occult, mature in tone, along the lines of Sandman, Swamp Thing or Hellblazer. First of all, he introduces a witch in irish, Amanda Collins, from a tormented past. She is much older than it seems and has had to do with the Salem trials. Today looking to help people in difficulty, with the aid of his gifts of esoteric. But it doesn't act alone.

With her there are, in fact, the Grey, the wizard eventually came, and was the former mentor of Amanda, who shared her tragic experiences; Billy, a silent man, who manipulates strange business cards, white-Black, a boy of color that he mentions in the continuation of poets and writers; and the sexy and fearsome Red. They, like Amanda, are experts of Wicca, magic pagan that the Church considered the instrument of the Evil one. And with these quirky characters Loeb outlines an intriguing plot, and engaging.

We must, however, specify that The Witching Hour and requires special attention and concentration in reading. Loeb, in fact, opt for a scan, narrative, experimental, full of flashback, and doesn't explain everything right away. The protagonists are placed in narrative contexts that, at least at the beginning, appear to be disconnected. In truth, it is not so, since the author specifies that every living being is part of a whole; but only towards the end of the plot you can't guess where Loeb wants to go.

The story-line, in any case, revolves around a serial killer with so many faults to hide, a young girl who longs for the return of the father who has abandoned her and a guy that got himself into trouble because of gambling. Amanda and her companions seek, then, to help them and to manipulate them, working behind the scenes. With this pretext, the writer of The Long Halloween and Hush gives us a story from the tone of the introspective, not lacking, however, moments of disturbing.

The drawings are by the great Chris Bachalo, the acclaimed artist of " Shade, The Changing Man (alien Goal, moreover, is ironically quoted), Ghost Rider 2099, Generation X, and other jewelry. Also in this case, gives us the tables adorned with the peculiar layout that has made him famous. You have to admit that this time the stretch is less chaotic than the one we had used in the last few years, and relatively more classical in the setting. Of course, the characters have the usual appearance pupazzesco and fluid that is expected from him and there are many details, often tiny, of so many cartoons.

Chris toggle plates, full-page, from the pop attitude and psychedelic, rich in visual elements and graphics, the other marked by shots of the case to the Watchmen, with the words printed on the edges and in the spaces below. This conveys a sense of constant mutability in the reader and is another of the elements that make " The Witching Hour comic is to take into consideration. Go, finally, praised the colors dark and shady, Grant Goleash, suitable for the atmosphere dream-like and surreal work.

In short, if you're interested in the stories of magic and occultism, with a hint of horror, you absolutely ignore this output.

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