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Published on Nov 03, 2017


We are in march 1511 and Nicholas Copernicus is called at the University of Ferrara with the excuse to hold some conferences in front of the best young students in Europe. His arrival is the University shaken by the alleged suicide of a student. However, a bright young woman, who likes to use the pseudonym Paracelsus, is convinced that it is a crime and intend to try it out with the help of Copernicus, which is located at the beginning of their difficulty in working with this free spirit.
In the second story, instead, we find ourselves in the observatory of Uraniborg of the kingdom of Denmark, in 1594. The small island, the scandinavian Vhen it is the theatre of bloody rituals to the pagan cults with the full moon. Galileo Galilei is sent from Venice in the north of Europe, to help the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe. Johannes Von Kepler will be an assistant, even if in reality he wanted a very different role...

In this volume are collected the first two stories, completely independent, published in France by Soleil such as Les Savants, in which Luca Blengino (already author of two volumes of The 7 Wonders, published by Star Comics in this series) tries to combine history and fantasy in a thriller. And the attempt, so for the avoidance of doubt, it is successful in full. Blengino uses some historical facts (like the existence of the observatory of Uraniborg, the fake nose of Brahe,...), but these facts are only the base on which to build a story completely of the imagination, but that is fully credible, as precisely not free from the historical data (even if the feel “of the Kingdom of Venice”, does not help to immerse oneself in the Story...).

The stories constructed are well-structured, not producing in a simple search of a killer, but trying to show the final complex, where the solution to the mystery is not as obvious (as in the first story, but especially in the second). The rhythm then is never pedantic, the narrative continues without unnecessary breaks, thanks to the lively dialogues between the characters.

This is done thanks to the pair of protagonists, which are well-calibrated: in the first story then the couple is well differentiated, with a thoughtful Copernicus and Paracelsus outside the box, that did not spare with their dialogues some smiles to the reader. In the second part the characters are apparently the most similar, and Galileo Galilei, often steals the scene to Kepler, that part is a bit muted, but however in the end he manages to show how it really is.

To immerse yourself in the historical setting, they are then also the beautiful designs of Stefano Carloni (Clémenceau Ils Ont Fait L'histoire), which is truly reflected in the design of environments and landscapes, as well as in the depiction of the clothing, thanks to the distinctive taste that distinguishes it. Some scenes, however, lack a bit of dynamism.

Due recognition also goes to the colorist, Franck Isembert.

Coming to the packaging of the Italian edition, we have a volume column classic for our market, with a cover sturdy and paper quality, as always for this series.


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