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Published on Jan 05, 2018


We put that to a young teenager is offered the prospect of becoming for two years, the most powerful and venerated on Earth, provided, however, that at the end of the cycle, die. Who would accept such an offer? According to Kieron Gillen would be in many.

What poses as its central theme The Wicked + The Divine is the “lust of fame”, the desire to be venerated, to have a power that transcends any other thing, and that is: the feverish and unconditional love on the part of millions of people. Stuff to make you dizzy.

Already in the first volume of The Wicked + The Divine Gillen had conducted within this particular world, showing us the dark side of the be(v)or. But what the british author is in the second volume, entitled Fandemonio, is to push the narrative and its metaphorical meanings even further.

At the center of the story there is the mystery that revolves around the death of Lucifer, the goddess-like davidbowiane the protagonist of the first volume. Lucifer had been subjected to the process with the accusation of having killed some of the special agents of the police. The judge was uttering the sentence he was killed during the process, Lucifer seems to be the responsible for the death, but it was actually stuck.

And if in the first volume, the pace of the narrative flowed with a certain slowness, in Fandemonio the story accelerates, and Laura Wilson will become more and more central. The young teen, despite having known the pros and cons of being a god, still want to enter the Pantheon, along with the other super-teens (like Baal, Morrigan and Baphomet).

To introduce Laura more and more within the dynamics of the Pantheon will be the elderly Ananke, a immortal protector of the character in the dark, which will reveal in the course of history with a dual nature.

The fact that pop culture is becoming a kind of religious faith is a matter of the order of the day (to the point that in the United Kingdom 177mila people identify as Jedi Knights), but how can a movie handle the body and the mind of a fan? Using a metaphor rather interesting, and making the pop star in all effects, Kieron Gillen The Wicked + The Divine, tries to play with the references to pop culture, especially music, and makes you think the player on the price to pay (and do pay) to be a star.

To intensify the atmosphere pop and glam of the story is the designer, Jamie Mckelvie, which in Fandemonio a lot of play with the graphics solutions, while maintaining high attention to detail and the geometric sense of the table. Mckelvie also shows a certain attention to the first floors, and a desire to use and to quote the pop art of Andy Warhol to cover The Wicked + The Divine of the same substance to which it is remade.

In addition, the colours of Matthew Wilson give the right brightness, and the touch pop final, a comic that graphic is fun to look at and appreciate, especially the shades that evoke an imaginary color that is inspired by the Glam rock.

Crossing the real and the divine, as well as Neil Gaiman's Sandman, and playing with the symbolic, the metaphysical, and the pop music, The Wicked + The Divine is also confirmed in this second volume, a reading that is not conventional, both thematically and narrative. It is not a comic intended to anyone, but is ideal for a slice of the public interested in stories that intersect the tangible reality of the divine, the metaphor of socio-political, the fantastic with the dramatic.

A few days ago, artist Jamie Mckelvie has announced on twitter that this year will close his work on The Wicked + The Divine, but to reassure men's minds, we thought the same Gillen who stated that the comic will continue to be published for 2018 and 2019. Therefore, Image Comics, and our Bao Publishing still have a lot to publish on this story.

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