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Published on Oct 10, 2018


Remain unbeaten in the league with two teams, in addition to the rock this Week 5: the Chiefs dominate the AFC, with only the Bengals with four wins, while the Rams are masters of the NFC, with the Saints, Bears, and Panthers. The Cardinals are the first victory and no one is more firm to zero. The Bears and Buccaneers at rest, 15 challenges, not to be missed: let's start!

The New England Patriots (3-2) seemed destined for a championship with a mediocre just a few weeks ago with the win against the Indianapolis Colts (1-4), and thanks to the defeat of the Dolphins, are again in the top of the division. On Thursday Night Tom Brady (34/44 x 341 yd, 3 TD, 2 int) just rocket by closing the first time ahead 24-3 thanks to a touchdown pass on Patterson and White, which adds a score a field goal for Gostkowski. The Colts are able to put in only a field goal Vinatieri, but in the second half Andrew Luck (38/59 x 365 yd, 3 TD, 2 Int) seems to be able to complete the rimontaMandando to sign and Hebron, and Swoope.In the fourth period, New England is back at a safe distance with the first touchdown in the jersey Patriots Josh Gordon (2 x 50 yd, 1 TD), to which are added, two minutes later, the race of Sony Michel (19 x 98 yd, 1 TD). The second touchdown of Hebron (9 x 105 yd, 2 TD) gets a little more than a minute from the end, and only serves to make it less big the gap in the score: 38-24 to the New England.

Incredible victory for the Panthers (3-1) on the Giants (1-4), increasingly in a crisis of results. After the field goal by Aldrick Rosas from 42 yards, is Carolina to take the reins of the match, thanks to the touchdown for 25 yards for Curtis Samuel, to launch a Cam Newton ac (21/35 for 237 yards with 2 TD pass, 2 INT and 1 fumble), and the fumble recovery by Colin Jones in the end zone the opposing, after a lame attempt at a punt return of Beckham. This is in addition to the two field goals by Graham Gano from 47 yards, which still responds to Rosas by 53 and 36. New York is without ideas in attack, and to unlock it need a trick play sensational: Beckham in the role of quarterback and Saquon Barkley excellent receiver, for a touchdown 57 yards that shakes guests. Newton, however, increases again the gap with a touchdown pass for 18 yards to Christian McCaffrey. Eli Manning (22/36 for 326 yards with 2 TD passes and 2 INT) throws two interceptions in a row between the hands of Mike Adams and the game looks in store. To reopen it, however, is the quarterback, with the splendid launch from 33 yards which is the extraordinary Beckham (8 catches for 131 yards and 1 TD) in the end zone for the first time in the season. Gano center poles from 39 yards, but New York replica blow by blow. The 129 yards from scrimmage of Saquon Barkley are essential, as well as his second touchdown of the day, in the flight for 15 yards. The Giants exceed an elevation of 30 points scored for the first time after 36 games, but happens the unthinkable in just a few seconds left. Newton mill yard, and thanks the referees, who shall grant a non-existent first down to McCaffrey. The amazing Gano has the opportunity from 63 yards at the end and takes advantage of it to the better, for the points of 33-31 in favor of the Panthers.

Kansas City (5-0) would not stop, and to make the charges this week are the Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2). Patrick Mahomes (22/38 x 313 yd, 2 Int) has not scored a touchdown pass and throws his first two interceptions of the season, but she is the first person to open the scoring with a touchdown run. Butker scored three field goal and Chris Jones returns for touchdowns, one of the four interceptions of Blake Bortles (33/61 x 430 yd, 1 TD, 4 int), and the third quarter forwarded when Bortles found T. J. Yeldon (8 x 69 yd, 1 TD) for the first seven points.
The Chiefs stretch, even with Kareem Hunt (22 x 87 yd, 1 TD) Blake Bortles closes for signatures, with a touchdown run that fixed the score 30-14 for the Chiefs.

The MetLife Stadium, The Denver Broncos (2-3) go on to sign for first with Case Keenum (35/51 x 377 yd, 2 TD, 1 int) to Courtland Sutton (2 x 18 yd, 1 TD) taking advantage of a fumble lost by the attack of the home team, but the New York Jets (2-3) do not lose the calm and score four touchdowns and two field goals before the Broncos are able to cross again the end zone the opposing.
It is the day of the big play, for the Jets, that impact accounts with a stroke of Isiah Crowell (15 x 219 yd, 1 TD) 77 yards and, three minutes later, the double with a pass to Sam Darnold (10/22 x 198 yd, 3 TD, 1 int) to Robby Anderson (3 x 123 yd, 2 TD) 76 yards. The Broncos responded with a field goal of McManus, but they are still the Jets, with the second Touchdown of Anderson, to stretch. At the beginning of the second time Crowell almost replica the race to the touchdown of the first half, but is tackled for the pigtails from the defender, and the Jets will have to settle for a field goal, the Myers, which is repeated at the beginning of the fourth period. Terrelle Pryor receives a touchdown the only time it is called, its number, and finally the Broncos fail again to put points on the board with Demaryus Thomas (5 x 105, 1 TD) to the 34-16 final.

The challenge of Heinz Field was expected an avalanche of points, but only one of the two attacks, he kept faith with the expectations. The Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2-1) have tried to get right to secure the result with two touchdowns in the first quarter to the work of James Conner (21 x 110 yd, 2 TD) and JuJu Smith_Schuster (4 x 34 yd, 1 TD), but the Atlanta Falcons (1-4) have responded well by shortening the distances with a reception to Mohamed Sanu (4 x 73 yd, 1 TD) and a field goal by Matt Bryant, but the second double victory of the steelers with Antonio Brown (6 x 101 yd, 2 TD), and still Conner have responded with the only touchdown of the Ito Smith (3 x 5 yd, 1 TD). It is touched and then Ben Roethlisberger (19/29 x 250 yd, 3 TD, 1 int), and close the practice with another TD pass to Brown, before L. J. Fort to gather a fumble in the end zone for the final signature. To report the performance monster of T. J. Watt, the author of 6 tackles, 2 assists, 3 sacks and a forced fumble. At the final whistle the scoreboard says 41-17 to Pittsburgh.

Wonderful game between the Rams (5-0) and Seahawks (2-3), which confirms the imbattibilit‡ of the guests, though a thousand sufferings. At the interval the game is in perfect parit‡, with an exciting 17-17. The race winning by 6 yards by Mike Davis responds that by 2 which opens the delirious day of the Todd Gurley (22-course menu for 77 yards and 3 TD). Tyler Lockett gives the first touchdown pass, for 39 yards, a fantastic Russell Wilson (13/21 for 198 yards and 3 TD passes), but Cooper Kupp responds to duty for 5 yards, bringing out a modest Jared Goff (23/32 for 321 yards with 1 TD pass, 2 INT and 2 fumbles). The field goal Cairo Santos 19 yard responds to Sebastian Janikowski 52. In the third quarter Seattle seems to be able to take off, thanks to Wilson and his throws in the end zone for the excellent David Moore, mark, the first for 3 yards and then to 30. Gurley, however, is irrepressible, and converts each drive worthy of note in Los Angeles for touchdowns. There will be three on the race to the end of the day, with the last two between the third and fourth period, from 2 and 5 yards. Santos misses the extra point and Los Angeles remains behind in the score. The kicker is brazilian, however, does not miss the field goal from 39 yards in the fourth period, forwarded, and the Rams are the points of advantage. Wilson is stopped beautifully by the host defense and does not find the drive to victory. The Seahawks come out defeated 31-33.

Who wins at the last second hurts, victories at the last second perishes, says the old saying in the NFL, and to confirm this, we think the Tennessee Titans (3-2) that, after having won the last three games in overtime or otherwise in the final minutes, give it to the Buffalo Bills (2-3) time expired.
The Titans have had to deal with a Mariota (14/26 x 129 yd, 1 int) and uninspiring and a running game that has managed to produce barely 100 yards, but were the three turnover (two fumbles lost and an interception), to direct a game, where the two attacks have played a game of ciapanò.
The only touchdown of the game puts him to sign the quarterback to rookie of the Bills Josh Allen (10/19 x 82 yd, 1 int) at the beginning of the game. For the rest of the match will be the match between Hauschka and Succop to decide the final result, with the former Seahawks had the last word with a kick from 46 yards, which enshrines the 13-12 final.

In the rematch of the last Championship of NFC, the Vikings (2-2-1) will take the rematch against the Eagles (2-3). Minnesota dominates the first three quarters of the game without the attack of the masters of the house find solutions to respond to duty. Despite a difficult day, Dan Bailey finds a way to center the poles on three occasions out of five attempts, starting from the first shot from 37 yards. Jake Elliott responds from the 30 yard line, then we think the host defense to direct the game. Linval Joseph takes advantage of one of the few mistakes of the game Carson Wentz (24/35 for 311 yards with 2 TD passes and 1 fumble) to recover a fumble and return it for 64 yards until the end zone the opposing. Following the touchdown of 3 yards in an amazing, Adam Thielen (7 receptions for 116 yards and 1 TD), on a roll of a precise Kirk Cousins (30/37 for 301 yards and 1 TD pass). In the third quarter, the music does not change, with Bailey to center the posts from 22 yards and Elliott to respond by 28. Then, it awakens Wentz




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