The Weather Station Netatmo for iPhone gets social


Published on Apr 26, 2016


Thanks to the Weather Station, Netatmo and network Weathermap, users can receive accurate information and local weather all over the world, from the temperature to the rainfall.

Netatmo Weathermap is the largest network of weather stations of the world, and currently monitors the outside temperature and the rain in 175 countries. This interactive map shows the data that are recorded by the Weather Stations for Smartphones and from the rain gauge, Netatmo made public by their users all over the world. A meteorological observatory, which, thanks to a live view of the data on the map, is in continuous development and provides a better understanding of the climate.

The Weather Station for Smartphones Netatmo and its accessories provide a complete solution to observe the weather conditions and ultra-local. Monitor the environmental elements, both internal and external, including temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality and noise pollution. All of the information that are provided via the smartphone of the user allowing them to improve their well-being in the home and adapt their outdoor activities.

The Rain gauge, one of the accessories of the Weather Station for Smartphones, it is ideal to decide on their activities in the open air, but also to know when to water the plants: record the amount of rain-fall per hour and accumulated in longer periods of time. The Netatmo Weathermap is freely accessible on the website of Netatmo and on the application Netatmo Weather Station.

The Weather Station can be purchased on Amazon at a price of 157€.

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