The way Home 2 soon on Rai 1: anticipations and the plot of the second season


Published on Jul 09, 2019


In December 2017, we said goodbye to Fausto and his family with one last episode of The road to the house from the open end. And soon we will see the whole family. Will be aired, in fact, a few months on Rai 1 road house 2. The second season of the television series with Alessio Boni and Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, was presented today in the day of the schedules of Rai. We can then give you some anticipation about the series of Rai 1 who returns with 6 new episodes and a new mystery. You will recall that Fausto, after a long period of convalescence he not have killed Paul, but he also recalled seeing his son that evening...But there will be other great mysteries that will shake the life is already pretty stressful for the family. Fausto, in fact, as you will recall, will have to pay not for murder but for other crimes, and then, you will be involved, in spite of himself, in another case...Will prove to be not the person everyone thinks it is?

Discover in detail the advances de road house 2 coming soon on Rai 1.

The second season of The street of the house opens with new mysteries to unravel. Fausto, he was released from prison after serving a sentence of three years for a scam in the import of cattle that are not certified, it has to face a new nightmare. Is surprised at the scene of a crime. Professes to be innocent, but very determined commissioner Concetta Leonardi hard to believe it: all the clues lead to him. Because the crime is preceded by another mystery involving the eldest son, Fausto, Lorenzo, contractor for the craft brewery Morra, and his bride Irene, on the eve of their marriage. Irene, in fact, is not presented in the celebration of the rite in the church, has disappeared without a trace the night before the wedding. The life of the farm, Morra, after years, is again disturbed by unexplained events. But what has that to do with the disappearance of Irene with the murder he is accused Fausto? Because Lorenzo seems to hide a secret? Baldoni, who is like a father to Irene, restored to his rank of chief of the district veterinary surgeon of Fara, peace. But this time is on the side of Fausto in the search for the truth. New characters enlivens the life of the farm, Morra, among these, the unscrupulous manager Valerio Costa, that will come in the management of the brewery. Glory, the pivot of the family, they will have to deal with an unexpected fragility, while Milena will be overwhelmed by a tormented love. The rebel Purple, caught between the ghosts of the past and his artistic talent, you will find her in spite of involved in the story of Mauro, a young ex-cell mate of Fausto integrated into the community of cascina Morra. In a crescendo of emotions and twists in the mysteries intertwine in a story, the fast-paced up to the melt in an amazing finish.

Written by Andrea Valagussa, Mauro Christian, Maura Nuccetelli, Elisa Italian Francesco Arlanch, Donatella Diamanti, Francesco Balletta

With Alessio Boni, Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, Sergio Rubini, Eugenio Franceschini, Benedetta Cimatti, Christiane Filangieri, Sabrina, Martina, Marco Di Natale, Silvia Mazzieri, Roberta Caronia, Massimo Poggio, Roberto Gudese

Directed by Riccardo Donna

A co-production with Rai Fiction-Casanova Multimedia produced by Luca Barbareschi Series in 6 evenings – Mystery drama

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