The War: The Planet of the Apes – nominated for the Oscar?


Published on Sep 03, 2017


Another genre film enters the Oscar race in 2018.

After the news that Warner Bros running Wonder Woman for the eligibility to the statuette as Best Film, here's that 20th Century Fox takes the field: according to Deadline The War – The Planet of the Apes will attempt the assault to the next Academy Awards.

Strong of the amazing critical success (here's our enthusiastic review), in fact, it seems that Fox is ready to baste one of the most expensive advertising campaigns of its history, to promote the film by Matt Reeves.

The Academy Awards has always shown a special attention vis-à-vis of the famous saga sci/fi. Since 1968, in fact, The Planet of the Apes has received quite a few nominations, although only in the categories of techniques. This year the Oscar for Best Special Effects in the film, Reeves should already have it in your pocket (considering that with The Jungle Book and the Academy can appreciate above all else the realism in recreating digitally the animals) but who knows that, at the end of the pharaonic advertising campaign that Fox is preparing to launch, may not get nominated is even more important.

What is certain is that Oscar 2018 we will see a lot of movies of the genre. In addition to Wonder Woman and The War – Planet of The Apes, one must not forget the other great blockbuster acclaimed by critics, Logan, much less the upcoming and highly anticipated Blade Runner 2049: Denis Villeneuve is beloved by the members of the Academy and his dop Roger Deakins has received 13 nominations (without ever winning, poor him) in the course of his career.

That 2018 will be finally be the year that genre film to get back on the roof of the world? Gravity and Mad Max: Fury Road cry more vengeance, of the rest. For now, we just have to wait.

Source: Deadline

The War: The Planet of the Apes – nominated for the Oscar? is




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