The Walking Dead will last for at least another three years?


Published on Sep 26, 2019


As you know the comic, Kirkman is suddenly interrupted at the beginning of this year, concluding with number 193 of his race, and, of course, also the history. This means that the show also has a final view, even if the star Jeffrey Dean Morgan believes that there will not be one for another couple of years.

The premiere of Season 10 of The Walking Dead in Los Angeles Monday night, Variety has met with Morgan to discuss his future, as Naruto and the future in general of the series. Morgan has made it clear that he wants The Walking Dead to finish while it is still a popular series, but thinks that will not happen until the end of the story to tell, a thing that will probably happen in about three years: “I Think that if we limited ourselves to the comics, we still have three more years. But we turn a lot, but I think there probably are three years of material there.”

The most pressing question on The Walking Dead as it heads towards its conclusion is what the show wants to deviate from the comics. There are already some important changes, considering that it is Rick that Carl Grimes, are no longer in the show, but there might be some changes still more substantial, as has been observed by Morgan.

The showrunner Angela Kang said that the end of the show is not yet written, but will use the comics of Kirkman as a base:

“Depending on the pace that we follow, you may miss a little at the end or we could go more slowly,” said Kang. “We always add to the original material. Robert said to me and Scott Gimple, look at all these thread that I created just for you, so the story could go in a million different ways”.

The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season on Sunday, October 6.

The Walking Dead will last for at least another three years? is




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