The Walking Dead: the twelfth will not be the last season


Published on Mar 28, 2020


While the finale of the tenth season was postponed due to Coronavirus and executive producer Scott Gimple, the former showrunner has become the Chief Content Officer of the brand, said, it is not in the program to conclude, The Walking Dead, with the twelfth season.

“I just can't imagine it,” explains Gimble to The Hollywood Reporter, in answering those who wondered if the outputs of the scene of Rick Grimes and Michonne could mean the approach of the end of the series, “but we live in times very strange.

I am surprised, in this moment, where nothing seems real, then for what I know, it could also become a series of puppets. It might still be nice at the end: all would have the chance to be the main actors and to give voice to the puppets directly from home.

Remember that the final originally scheduled for the tenth season will be aired as a special episode ahead by the end of the year, as below from the official Twitter account of the series.

“But we live in times very strange,” he acknowledged, referring to the pandemic of coronavirus that has had an impact on all three shows, The Walking Dead, supervised by Gimple.

In 2017, Gimple said that The Walking Dead could “continue indefinitely”, replacing the characters killed with new survivors. “I think that if it lasted ten years... if it went longer so it is possible that the cast, considering the amount of deaths and everything else, after ten or twelve years, could pass the baton to a cast that is completely new,” he said.

When The Walking Dead will run out of the original comic, which is in Season 11 or 12, the series could appeal to ideas of unused provided by Kirkman.

“Robert has finished writing the comic, but this does not necessarily mean the end of the series in the same way that the comic is finished,” added Kang. “Because it is not even necessarily what he meant, so it's just an interesting thing for us.”

Unlike the comics, which is terminated without notice to mark the death, the surprise ending of the series, Kirkman insists that the end of The Walking Dead will not be a surprise.

In addition to the spin-off " Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: the World Beyond, Gimple is developing a trilogy of films, in addition to the miniseries, special, and other series short set in the growing TWD Universe.

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