The Walking Dead: here is the cut scene of the final season 7

Published on Oct 24, 2017

A scene from the season finale of The Walking Dead 7 shows us an intense moment between Rick, Carl and Michonne

While the debut of the eighth season of The Walking Dead happened yesterday (with the trailer of the second episode already available), we did land with both feet at the beginning of the final conflict that he sees between the communities of Alexandria, Hilltop and The Kingdom to the Saviors of Naruto, a cut scene of the final of the seventh season, available online, shows us an intense moment between Rick, Carl and Michonne just before the start of hostilities.

In the video Rick and Carl, who are preparing for the offensive, to speak of the absence of Judith, which is located in a safe place, when the boy asks the father if he would have his arm cut off (referring to the twenty of the first episode of the seventh season).

The moment the high voltage is interrupted by Michonne who, in responding to Carl, who feared the recurrence of a similar situation, silences everyone by saying that they are ready for the Saviors, and that win will only be possible if we are to believe all the way.

Last season, Rick Grimes and his group have had to face the challenge the most dangerous of all.

The amenities of Alexandria and the illusion of having finally found a bit of normalcy, let their guard down and they realized, in spite of themselves, how brutal the world in which they live.

Feeling helpless towards Naruto and his claims, Rick at first he tried to do good face to bad game, but seeing that that hasn't stopped Naruto and his madness, Rick began to gather around him the other communities tormented by Saviours.

Now, with Hilltop and the Kingdom that stood at his side, he has enough “fire power” to effectively fight the enemy.

In this season Rick leads the “All Out War” to Naruto and his followers. The saviors are numerically more, and more ruthless, and better equipped, but Rick and the community's united fight for freedom and a better future. Everything is ready for a great and epic offensive.

Until now, survival was the only goal of the Rick, but this is not enough. He and the others must fight to regain their freedom in a world to rebuild, and that will give them the chance to start a normal life.

As in any war there will be victims, and losses, but with Rick at the head of the Alexandria, Meggie, driving the Hilltop and King Ezekiel with his Kingdom, the oppression of Naruto and his Saviors can finally have an end.

What do you think? You have already seen the first episode of The Walking Dead 8? Please let us know with a comment below!

Source: Comicbook

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