The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln leaves the TV series?

Published on Dec 16, 2017

Warning, the article contains spoilers on the last episode of The Walking Dead 8

The final half season of The Walking Dead 8, with the episode How it's Gotta Be, has been put under the eyes of the fans a truth that is shocking and unexpected: the departure of Chandler Riggs), the show AMC that will materialize in the second half of the season.

Carl, in fact, was bitten while he was with Saadiq, and so, with the boy destined to a certain death, Rick Grimes will have to say goodbye to one of the reasons for its struggle for survival and a better future for her “family”.

It seems, however, that the loss of Carl, in addition to having important repercussions for the character of Rick, it could in any way have undermined heavily the want Andrew Lincoln to continue the adventure in The Walking Dead, because heavily saddened by the path the narrative that the TV series is taking.

As reported by Chandler Riggs, Andrew Lincoln, who had already expressed his disbelief when he was informed of the sad fate of Carl, it would seem to have tired of the ongoing commitment to which it is subjected by years:

I never talked much, but I know that he has a family that abandons every year, for many months, to come to Georgia to shoot The Walking Dead, leaving his children at home in England.

Probably it is becoming quite tired.

These statements of Riggs does not make that food some rumor that they would then Lincoln ready to abandon The Walking Dead, rumors confirmed (according to the “catastrophist”) from the fact that the 44-year-old british actor has not yet renewed its contract with AMC, which according to the producers, however, should be performed at the end of the eighth season.

To throw gas on the fire, then, we thought the same of Andrew Lincoln in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

We must, however, be a something that ends everything, and that's something that we discuss.

I can't talk about this, but all will be answered.

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Source: Comicbook

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