The Walking Dead 9: new trailer with Sussurratori


Published on Aug 29, 2018


Recently, Ryan Hurst (known and loved by the public for the role of Harry “Opie” Winston in Sons of Anarchy) has announced its entry in The cast of The Walking Dead in the role of Beta, a prominent figure of the gang of survivors who wear human skin to blend in with the zombies, known by the name of Sussurratori (Whisperers).

Alpha, head of the Sussurratori (which will thus lead from him to Rick and his group in this ninth season will be played instead by Samantha Morton. Thanks to the new trailer released from AMC, we can finally have an in-depth look at the entire gang:

Previously, Lauren Cohan has revealed to the Associated Press that the decision to leave the series has nothing to do with money, but rather with a lack of motivation and the desire to break the usual routine.

“Eight years, there really are a lot involves you emotionally, and it was fun for me, since I have always tried not to sit too much on the laurels of the work and to keep me alive in your private life. I have always fought against routine, often changing the house (laughs). We will in the future the chance to explore new aspects of Maggie, it will be fun to see if this is fact or not,” the words of the actress, with the character then it will not die.

The hypothesis of a possible return (and farewell to Lincoln) had been addressed by Cohan, in a previous interview with People: “Maggie is present in the first six episodes of the new season, then in the sixth will happen a lot of things that you will see. There are, however, of the possibility of seeing a return of the character, even if it is not clear in what form. I am grateful to what The Walking Dead has given me, and my history with the franchise never ends here of course as well as for Andy (Andrew Lincoln, ed.). He has given literally his life for this series, then you understand that you need certain things, such as seeing your young children. No one has thought to stop it, the beauty of this series is this: we want all of you well and we want the best for each of us.”

Interviewed at San Diego Comic con instead, Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have spoken of the new season felt like a reboot from the western atmosphere, thanks to the new showrunner Angela Kang.

“It's always been one of my sceneggiatrici favorite, I have always said. Everything is managed by the women in this new season, the atmosphere is different. There are many head shots, many crashes, but this new story seems more deep, sentimental” the words of Reedus in " Variety “the air Is new, there is new life, each episode seems to be a western, it's fantastic. I know that every year we come here and say that the next season will be better than the previous ones, but this time it's true!”.

“There are many positive feelings this year, it's nice to do things in a different perspective. It is almost a reboot of the series, with all of the characters to which you, the fans, are so fond of, but seen under a different light. The warm is only from when I'm here,very western, from particular emotions” in the words of Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

The ninth season premiere airs on AMC on October 7.

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