The Walking Dead 8 will be quicker and more dynamic of the seventh season

Published on May 03, 2017

Scott M. Gimple, the showrunner of The Walking Dead 8, talk about the new episodes, more fast and dynamic than what is seen in the seventh season

Interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, Scott M. Gimple, showrunner of the tv series zombie the most famous of all time, The Walking Dead, has revealed that the eighth season of the show will be structured differently than what we have seen so far.

In particular, since the eighth season focuses on the war between the Saviors and the group of survivors led by Rick, everything will be much faster and more dynamic than in the seventh season, which had focused on the individual characters, delving into their history.

Here are the words of Gimple about it:

“By virtue of the fact that the narrative focuses on a conflict, very intense, this event will affect the structure of the series speed, making it go from one story to another in the course of the same episode, creating cracks and bringing together pieces of stories of different episodes. We knew how we would have structured the season, and we knew what would bring us the eighth season so we decided to differentiate the narrative structure. The events will be shown with greater speed and will miss the depth on the individual characters in a single episode, so we'll create a trend of more dynamic”.

Excluding the many mistakes that have characterized the seventh season of The Walking Dead, one of the criticisms most heated, moves to the last episodes aired in the series, was just linked to the extreme slowness with which progressed the story.

With this change, the showrunner hopes to regain the trust of the fans lost in the past few months? What do you think? Please let us know via a comment below!

Source: EW

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