The Walking Dead 8: new details and previews on the upcoming season

Published on Sep 13, 2017

The showrunner of The Walking Dead 8, Scott M. Gimple, anticipates what awaits us in the new season of the tv series zombies of AMC

Awaiting the arrival of The Walking Dead 8 tv October 22, (23 in Italy, on FOX), is once again showrunner Scott M. Gimple to provide us with some new insights on what awaits us this time in the expected return of the tv series of the AMC.


Attention! Follow the SPOILERS on the eighth season of The Walking Dead

Interviewed by TVLine, Gimple has confirmed the show will focus more on the conflict between Naruto and the other groups:

Fighting can be scary, especially because you do not know never the outcome of a battle, but view the matter from another perspective, fighting is an act of hope.

Carol will play an important role in this new season:

His entire storyline has prepared you for all this – it is ready. The strength and the courage that you show as a person this season, as well as the ingenuity... will give great satisfaction.

While Ezekiel, does not seem to be prepared for the violence that will flow between the Saviors and the other groups of survivors:

Ezekiel, a period more intense. Carol is not at all surprised by the difficulty and brutality of the war. While Ezekiel is new to this kind of things. The contrast between the two will be quite strong.

To top it off, the showrunner has confirmed that the much discussed scene of the Old Man, Rick will be present at the première of the eighth season, but that not everything will be explained immediately, but we will wait until midseason.


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Source: TVLine


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