The Walking Dead 8: extended promo and preview of the mid-season premiere [SPOILERS]

Published on Dec 11, 2017

Attention! Follow the spoilers on The Walking Dead 8, and the episode that will be aired this evening in Italy!

There we are. The final episode of this first half of season The Walking Dead 8 was aired in USA last night on AMC and, while in Italy we're waiting to see the episode dubbed, fans of the stars and stripes already are wondering about how to continue the battle between Naruto and Rick; as well as on the fate of an important and historic character of the show.

One thing is certain. Carl Grimes is a “dead man walking”.

Eugene has in fact solved the problem zombies to the Shrine, allowing Naruto and the Saviours attack Alexandria.. and Carl to be bitten by a stray, as anticipated maliciously by a tweet from AMC.

Waiting to find out which sort will happen to the boy (even if Chandler Riggs, the actor who plays Carl, has already confirmed his exit from the show), here's the extended promo, and a preview of the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead 8 which, remember, will air next February.

From the video one thing is clear to all, the war is not over:

What do you think of this (announced) death excellent? Please let us know via a comment below!

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