The Voice of Italy: Jain on the stage of The Voice with ‘As’

Published on May 24, 2016

During the final of The Voice of Italy, live this evening on Rai 2, arrives on stage a special guest: it is Jain, a young French singer who performs with the “How“, a song that this year has been very successful in Italy.

After his performance, Federico Russo has handed over an award to mr. Jain on the part of The Voice of Italy, while Emis Killa congratulated her, saying to worship his new single, which is currently his favorite. This song, “How” is released in 2015 and has had great success in France, Poland and Wallonia, as well as in Italy and other european Countries. Always in 2015 dates back to his debut album, “Zanaka“, which arrived in Italy in 2016 and has earned a nomination to the Victoires de la musique, 2016 in the category “Artist revelation“.

This French singer, whose real name is Jeanne Louise Galice, was born in Toulouse and has only twenty-four years he has lived as a girl in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in the United Arab Emirates, before settling in Paris. The question of Federico Russo “With all these shifts, where is home for you?“, Janin responded by saying “my Home is where there's music“.

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