The Voice of Italy: Italian charms the audience with a duet with Alice Paba

Published on May 23, 2016

The talent, the singing, The Voice of Italy is almost coming to an end, with regard to the edition of 2016. This evening, in fact, is transmitted on Rai 2 in the final of the talent to search for the best voice of Italy, and on this occasion the judge " (in Italian) performed in a duet with his finalist Alice Paba, singing “The winter sea“.

It was the meeting of two voices, loud and full of incredible talent that has enchanted audiences of The Voice of Italy, almost at the beginning of the episode tonight. Dolcenera performed at the piano, accompanying in the voice its a finalist, the spirited and young Alice Paba. The two sing “The winter sea”, this beautiful song, launched by Loredana Bertè, in 1983, published in the album “Jazz”, and written by Enrico Ruggeri. A song that the “svalvipatate” (so they are defined " (in Italian) Alice Paba) interpret and sing almost as if it were the most natural and easy to do.

The beginning is very strong, as was the comment of the other judges later. At the same time, Alice herself is a competitor and very hard to defeat in the talent, precisely because, as commented by Dolcenera video clip previous to the performance: “She does not interpret the songs, but he feels within himself the weight of every word.“ May be she is the winner of The Voice of Italy?

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