The Voice of Italy: Giusy Ferreri on stage with Alice Paba

Published on May 16, 2016

During the course of the semi-final The Voice of Italy, aired on Rai 2, the young and talented Alice Paba, singer of the Team " (in Italian), he performs with Giusy Ferreri, an extraordinary singer and artist, with a vocal timbre rather particular. Alice Paba performs with she sang I Wanted to you, and seems perfectly at ease, bringing on the stage the sa voice is gutsy and determined.

The output of the track I Wanted to you, it has been announced by the artist on his official page in Facebook, through which it has also announced the availability, in digital format, and in rotation on radio as from 6 November of the same year. The single, certified platinum, and the collection of Hits, which is the first single, reached, respectively, the fourteenth and sixteenth place.

Torando the show, Dolcenera, judge of his Team, as expressed at the end of the performance: “they Were special together, Alice has this item fresh, Giusy mature. This contrast was beautiful.“ This exhibition then led Dolcenera has give her points just for Alice, Paba, choosing to help her rather than the young and talented Joe Crosses. Also the televoting at the end gave reason to Dolcenera, proclaiming Alice Paba the third finalist of The Voice of Italy.

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