The Voice of Italy: Francesca Michielin duets with the finalists

Published on May 24, 2016

We almost come to the end of the final episode of " The Voice of Italy, edition 2016, live now on Rai 2. The two finalists, Alice Paba and Charles Kablan, are called to the stage to duet with the singer Francesca Michielin.

The singer brings on the stage of The Voice of two beautiful songs: “love is there“, sung with Charles Kablan, and “No degree of separation“, where it is accompanied by the other finalist, the talented Alice Paba.

After the performance, the conductor Federico Russo congratulated the artist for his recent success: “Congratulations, because you are gold, today, with your album. And congratulations for your participation in the Euro Vision, where you have represented Italy.”

Next, the instructor asks Francesca Michielin to give advice to the two finalists about their future. The singer expresses himself thus: “I the advice I can give you is that we are now in a race, a competition, and there are codes and numbers. But the music is not only this, on the contrary: it is first of all sharing and much more. And what I can advise you is to have fun because we are here only for you and for you to enjoy and to live with all of this”

A council that gets precious little first to find out who will be the voice of Italy.

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