The video the shock of a man who shined shoes with a kitten breaks the internet

Published on Dec 30, 2015

In the Uk for a couple of hours there has been talk of another on social.
It seems that in Kazakhstan a man has posted – with the initial great success in all the like and shares (11,000 of them on Instagram and 112.000 elsewhere) – the clip where you cleaned the shoes from the mud ‘armed’ a white kitten.
The movie and its author were soon detected and blocked by the police; some of the images used to tell the umpteenth violence to harm an animal, however, have ignited many minds. Can we both wanted so much to report and intervene? How to interpret the rain of ‘like’?

The previous ‘famous’
Many of you were already angry a couple weeks ago when a celebrity (50 cent) had shared a photo of a cat (maybe) tipsy. But it was only a joke and a martini glass filled with water.
Fans alarmed, negative comments rain and a lot of noise for a very bad idea.
Because the network is not to be trifled with. To post a nice cat there is little you win easy’ but for those lapses, partly – and rightly – disqualification.
The idiocy is just idiocy, and only this communicates: idiocy.


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