The Val Veddasca and Val Cannobina, the two communities are united by the Lake Maggiore

Published on May 31, 2017

A beautiful hike, on the occasion of the Feast of the Republic, is the one proposed by the CAI Luino that will see participants make a cultural visit in Cannobio. The two communities, that of the Val Veddasca and Val Cannobina, confirm the partnership, then, with a meeting to be held in Maccagno and Pino and Veddasca. Here is the program. The Val Veddasca and Val Cannobina, the two communities are united by the Lake Maggiore. On Friday, June 2, CAI Luino, with the patronage of the Municipality of Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca, offers a cultural visit to Cannobio, accompanied by Maurizio Miozzi, historical research. This first hike will match for the next meeting in Maccagno and Pino and Veddasca in order to highlight the ties that these two communities have had for a very long time. The program provides in Cannobio the visit of the village already had a Court direction defined by Giovio “the village famous and rich.” The country mentioned in a document of 864 it became a free municipality in the TWELFTH century. In 1211 Cannobio promulgates the Statutes described in the chronicle of Novalesa. In the XIV century it passed to the Visconti family and then was assigned to by Filippo Maria, to Vitaliano Borromeo in 1442. The Borromeo held the fief of Cannobio and in the Val Cannobina until the EIGHTEENTH century. Carved stone portals, balconies, shaped, with railings of value are the result of an architecture with a certain refinement. Crossed the main road we will visit the chiesa madre dedicated to S. Vittore and the beautiful bell tower of the 1155. You will continue with the palace of Reason, or the Parasio built between 1291 and 1294. With the Sanctuary of the holy Piety of Cannobio ( 1526 -1533 ) will conclude the morning. The afternoon will be dedicated to the visit of Traffiume with the orrido of S. Anna. This place keeps intact the charm of the ancient villages. Here is the program. The appointment at the parking facilities of the Museum to the Park Jonah is at 8.50, as we will move to the 9 for a short hike on the lakeside, up to the station navigazione Lago Maggiore with cultural interventions by Maurizio to Them. At 9.30 am we will departure by boat to Cannobio, and at 10 a.m. will start the hiking tour and cultural. At 15.30 or 17.30 there will be a return to Maccagno. More details. Travel time 03: 00 (excluding stops) – 9 Km – difference in Altitude from 50m to Difficulty of T1. Appropriate clothing and footwear. Packed lunches are available. Free excursion to the exclusion costs the boat. Insurance: each tour participant is responsible for their own safety. For more information: – Pro Loco Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca – tel 0332 562009 – email [email protected]; – CAI Luino via B. Luini 16 tel/fax 0332 511101; e-mail [email protected]; – Tourist Information Luino – via della Vittoria 1 Luino – phone 0332-530019; e-mail [email protected]

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