The Usurer (Ushijima), Shohei Manabe speaks of the conclusion


Published on Jan 07, 2019


The number 6 of the journal of the seinen manga in Big Comic Spirits, published by Shogakukan published the intentions of its authors for 2019.

Among these Shoji Manabe has expressed a willingness to work hard to round off his The loan shark (Yamikin Ushijima-kun) and start a new series.

Remember that the longest work is the entry in the story arc end in the Fall of 2016.

In Japan, The Usurer is in progress from May 10, 2004 and currently consists of 44 volumes; the volume 45 is scheduled for February 28, next.

The work has won the 56th Prize Manga Shogakukan in 2011 and has been nominated for the Osamu Tezuka Culture Prize in 2008 and 2010; in 2008 he also competed at the Festival of Angoulême. Gave life to three drama shows, and four films live action made for tv, released between 2010 and 2016.

In Italy it is published by Planet Manga (24 volumes so far):

The stories of Tokyo's pierced told by Shohei Manabe enter between the the darkest alleyways of the metropolis, and about those invisible that does not get to the end of the month and are ready to do anything for a handful of yen, leverage up to the neck for a slice of happiness. And he knows those hidden roads and in the dark goes on the hunt, giving happiness to high interest rates...

Source: ANN

The Usurer (Ushijima), Shohei Manabe speaks of the conclusion is




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