The used market in growth, the crisis is (almost) behind

Published on May 10, 2017

The used car market finally back to smile thanks to the impact of new online sales channels. This is the most interesting fact that emerged from the monthly bulletin ACI “Auto-Trend” relative to the month of march, which underlines how the sales of used vehicles in Italy are rapidly returning to pre-crisis levels of 2006. The used market in growth, the crisis is (almost) behind. According to figures from the Automobile Club of Italy, to march 2017, the transfer of property, net of minivolture have grown by 11.3% compared to the same period of the 2016, despite the presence of a working day. This last parameter influences negatively the daily average, which in each case register a surge positive, showing a decent +6,5%. More or less on the same lines as the data on the sales of used cars relative to the first quarter of 2017, for which the bulletin's Auto-Trend estimate of a 6.3% increase compared to 2016. Particularly significant is also the difference of pitch between the market for new and used, with this last one continues to assume a predominant position, at least in numerical terms. Always in the month of march, in fact, is estimated to have been sold 138 used cars for every 100 new registrations, a relationship that becomes 144 to 100 if you consider the first three months of this year. Beyond the cold numbers, the ACI has investigated also on the possible causes of this sudden ascent of the market, by publishing an appropriate statement relative to the “origin” of the transactions analyzed. On a monthly basis, it is evident the predominance of new online sales channels, which only collect 60% of the transactions of used cars registered in march 2017. Decidedly in the minority is instead the contribution of the sales to the dealers and transactions between private individuals, that you come to a stop, respectively, 25% and 15%. In the top of the preferences of the worldwide motorists, additionally, there are new startup automotive that allow you to sell or kate middleton within 24 hours without any cost for the paperwork. One more fact that testifies to the success of the buying and selling of used cars online is in fact one related to the radiation, which in march 2017, carry out the evaluation of their own auto online marks a +8.8% compared to last year, with a replacement rate estimated 64 car radiated out of every 100 registered ex-novo. It is a conjunction, favourable demand and supply that had not happened since back in 2006, exactly a year before the start of the great crisis in the automotive sector. In terms of absolute value, the used market in these first months of 2017, therefore, return to abut on pre-crisis levels, driven by the boom in trades online and from the parallel growth of new car registrations. The hope is that this positive trend to act as a finally, as a stimulus for the whole of the automotive industry and that you complete as soon as the long-awaited generational change in the car park of the Italian, stopped still at an age average of 9,5 years.

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