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Published on Nov 20, 2019


The Unknown is the most enigmatic, cynical, mature and staff of Magnus. Born after the pomp of Alan Ford, at a time when the author of the bolognese tried to find his voice to be more personal and steeped in the contradictions of socio-political of the time, the publishing history of de The Unknown unfolds in two major narrative strands-dated 1975/1976 and 1982/1983 newly collected in one volume deluxe – our review HERE – and who today lives again thanks to Sergio Bonelli Editore in this The Unknown – The New Adventures with the first volume entitled the Lights of The West signed by Daniele Brolli and Davide Fabbri.

He had travelled together with Mr Unknown in the world post-Second World War, by entering into the greyness of the balance of power would then become to the eyes of the opposition between two ideological blocs. In 1976, meanwhile, Unknown had risked big, including two from a gunshot wound to the abdomen in Vacation in Zahlè history that anticipated, with harshness, a topic of burning actuality that the war between israelis and palestinians.

After a break of a few years, in 1982, The Fairy of the Sudden Awakening, Unknow, is subjected to a complex surgery, the will be removed a kidney, thanks to which he manages to escape and is recruited by the agency SHIELD, which will be the guarantor on a mission in Bolivia – the nostalgic, but the brutal man who killed Ernesto “che” Guevara, for which he will earn, not without difficulty, a bonus of $250,000.

We then left Unknown with a smile in 32 teeth, the result of a prosthesis is still outstanding, walk euphoric in a New York city covered in snow.

In The Unknown – The New Adventures: the Lights of The West we find ourselves in the Berlin of 1987. The city is obviously divided by the Wall and Unknown works to the East: how and why you arrived in Berlin, finding work for the part of pro-Russian city? What happened to the $ 250,000 that they would have to guarantee stability?

We then follow a narrative in analessi that brings us to the end of the SHIELD and the daring escape of the Unknown from New York, while in Berlin the weather starts to change and the balance of power so laboriously established between ex-nazis now in the pay of the Russia – begin to lose value. Unknown is thrown into a fight without quarter, that he wants to do, as has already happened in the past by the “docile tool” to scapegoat.

The Unknown – The New Adventures: the Lights of The West reports of bullying, the creation of Magnus in the territories exquisitely jerry's thanks to the skilful pen of Daniele Brolli that updates fine all the topoi of the genre and, in particular, the subgenus with the atmosphere of the Cold War – from The Spy who Came in from the Cold in the Gorky Park, just to name two at random, but the list would be long and diverse.

The writer of rimini knows well, however, to give substance to the exchange, the nth and the true constant of the adventures of Unknown, scenery and fishing with the utmost respect in the end which is left open by Magnus leads to a plot that unfolds through two narrative strands in parallel, yet heavily intertwined, where the past and the present socio-political before the personal mix.

The end of the Second World war becomes, then, a long train in which ex-nazis, I end up in the pay of Russia while the KGB becomes more and more suspicious, in which the interference of american in foreign affairs, especially in south america, begins to be excessive, uncovering a Pandora's box that forces the protagonist to flee to Cuba!

In all this, Berlin is a divided city, a gigantic area of shade where nothing is as it seems and that breaks up so much the romantic idea of the Wall as sung by David Bowie as the politics of the television images of his fall – that would take place a few months after – and where the West is a place of perdition while the East is full of contradictions is ready to implode.

In this complex framework of the narrative engage the pencils of veteran Davide Fabbri. Her stretch pay duty to that of Magnus, preferring not to upset the graphical approach of the master from bologna, also in terms of the construction of the table and yet Fabbri makes everything very personal, fresh and very usable thanks to a storytelling clear and precise.

The attention to detail of the environments is absolutely valuable – something that many young designers are expected to improve – while one of the peculiarities of Magnus, or the attention to the expressions of the characters is kept intact and filtered through a muscularity that characterizes the fast-paced action scenes always tough to be realistic in where you ever in the temptation of the spectacle as an end in itself.

The Unknown – The New Adventures: the Lights of The West is a reading essential, without any alteration to the fans of the original work of Magnus respecting the spirit and setting. The approach will not be simple, perhaps to some new player, given the heavy references to the previous stories, but the cut is realistic, the setting is historically accurate and the tone is classically from the spy-story make this book a read, definitely intriguing. I wonder if the SBE, with a positive response, decides to reprint the stories of “classic” in the format statement...

The volume hardcover, produced by SBE is of course very elegant and well crafted, representing without a shadow of a doubt the best way to (re)present the adventures of The Unknown. To report the long introduction serves to summarize the editorial life of the work with the relevant passages of the adventures of the Unknown, and the excellent post-race that contextualizes the historical period in which it is set, the volume.

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