The undrafted placed under contract


Published on May 05, 2020


Placed on file the Draft 2020 with its 255 choices, as every year in the later hours of the 32 franchises of the NFL moves to contrattualizzare the undrafted, who declared eligible, but not selected, with the goal of finding some hidden gem. Let's be clear: most of the names you will find listed below will be “meat for slaughter”. Many will not come to training camp and when you will be to select the 53 players can enter the roster, almost all will end, in the best cases, in the practice squad.

In the history of the NFL there have been, however, many players who are not chosen in the draft, have been able to carve out important areas in the league, not the case during the third day from the “Las Vegas” graphics, we remembered all the time as there were a number of undrafted that the first laps in the hall of fame. This is certainly due to the fact that these are much more numerous in the first two turns, which they play with the pressure of a first choice and often escape from the eyes of the observers because they come out of college not top-end.

Citing a few names that you can jump to the eye, today also to the neophytes of the spheroid prolate, we can mention Lindsay Broncos, Chris Harris Jr. of the Chargers or the future Hall of Famer Antonio Gates. I wonder, then, that some of these names below may not become a future star in the NFL.

Ryan Becker, TE from SMU
Jake Benzinger, OT Wake Forest
TJ Carter, DL from Kentucky
Jackson Dennis, OT Holy Cross
Steven Gonzalez, OL, Penn State
Jonathan Ward, RB, Central Michigan
Reggie White, OLB from Kansas State
Shane Leatherbury, WR from Towson
Zane Lewis, CB Air Force
Sirgeo Hoffman, RB, Portland state
Jermiah * Braswell, WR from Youngstown State
Rashad Medaris, WR, from Cincinnati
JoJo Ward, WR from hawai'i
Parker Houston, TE from San Diego State
Drew Dickinson, OL from Findlay
Adam Schuler, DL from Florida
Reggie Walker, LB from Kansas State
Jace Whittaker, CB from Arizona
Bejou Wilson, CB, Liberty
Reggie Floyd, S from Virginia Tech

Delrick Abrams, CB from Colorado
Hinwa Allieu, DT from Nebraska-Kearney
Hunter Atkinson, LT from Georgia State
Austin Capps, C, Arkansas
Mikey Daniel, FB, South Dakota State
Scottie Dill, RT from Memphie
Austin Edwards, a DE from Ferris State
Juwan Green, WR from Albany
Tyler Hall, CB from Wyoming
Evin Ksiezarczyk, OT Buffalo
Sailosi Latu, DT from San Jose State
Jalen McCleskey, WR from Tulane
Jared Pinkney, TE from Vanderbilt
Caleb Repp, TE, Utah State
Chris Rowland, WR from Tennessee State
Ray Wilborn, LB from Ball State
Jordan Williams, LB from Baylor
Bryson Young, DE from Oregon
Justin Gooseberry, OG from Rice

Trystan Colon-Castillo, OL from Missouri
Tyler Huntley, QB from Utah
Nick Vogel, K from Alabama-Birmingham

Reggie Gilliam, TE Toledo
Josh Thomas, DB, Appalachian State
Ike Brown, CB from FIU
Antonio Williams, RB from North Carolina
Brandon Walton, OT FAU
Garrett Taylor, S from Penn State
Marquel Harrell, OT from Auburn
Trey Adams, OT from Washington
Mike Bell, LB from Fresno State

Myles Adams, DE from Rice
Omar Bayless, WR from Arkansas State
Brandon Bowen, T, Ohio State
Jason Ferris, the LB from Montana Western
Sam Franklin, LB from Temple
Myles Hartsfield, DB, Mississippi
TreVontae Hights, WR from TCU
Mike Horton, G from Auburn
Jordan Mack, the LB from Virginia
Frederick Mauigoa, C from Washington State
Chris Orr, LB from Wisconsin
David Reese, LB from Florida
John Ricci, TE Western Michigan
Austrian Robinson, a DT from Mississippi
Rodney Smith, RB from Minnesota
Cam Sutton, TE from Fresno State
Sam Tecklenburg, OL from Baylor

Napoleon Maxwell RB from FIU
Ledarius Mack, OLB from Buffalo
Lacal London, DT from Western Illinois
Trevon McSwain, DT Duke
Badara Traore, OT from LSU
Dieter Eiselen, OL from Yale
Ahmad Wagner, YOU from Kentucky
Artavis Pierce, RB from Oregon State
Rashad Smith, LB from Florida Atlantic
Lee Autry, DT from Mississippi State
Keandre Jones, LB from Maryland

Mitchell Wilcox, TE from USF
Marcel Spears, Jr, LB from Iowa State
Isiah Swann, CB Dartmouth
Devwah Whaley, RB from Arkansas
Josh Knipfel, OL from Iowa State
Kendall Futrell, LB from the ECU
Tyler Clark, DT from Georgia
Clay Cordasco, G Oregon State
Trey Dishon, DT from Kansas State
Scotty Washington, WR from Wake Forest
Devwah Whaley, HB from Arkansas

Alex Taylor, OT, South Carolina State
AJ Green, CB from Oklahoma State
Jeffery Whatley, DL, South Alabama
Elijah Benton, S from Liberty
Drake Dorbeck OL from Southern Miss
Kevin Davidson, QB from Princeton
George Obinna, DL from Sacramento State
Jameson Houston, CB, Baylor
Benny Lemay, RB from Charlotte
Brian Herrien, RB from Georgia
Jovante Moffatt, S from MTS
Solomon Ajayi, LB from Liberty

Darius Anderson, RB from TCU
Sewo Olonilua, RB from TCU
Garrett Marino, DE from UAB
Francis Bernard, LB from Utah
Ladarius Hamilton, DE from North Texas
Sean McKeon, YOU from Michigan
Terence Steele, OT Texas Tech
Ron Dell Carter, DE James Madison
Aaron Parker, WR from URI
Rico Dowdle, RB from South Carolina
Stephen Guidry, WR from Mississippi State
Luther Kirk, S Illinois State
Charlie Taumoepaeu, TE Portland State
Azur Kamara, LB from Kansas
Kendrick Rogers, WR from Texas A&M

Zimari Manning, WR from Tarleton State
Riley Neal, QB from Vanderbilt
Kendall Hinton, WR from Wake Forest
Hunter Watts, OL, Central Arkansas
Levante Bellamy, RB, Western Michigan
Essang Bassey, CB from Wake Forest
Douglas Coleman III, S Texas Tech

Hunter Bryant, TE from Washington
Jalen Elliott, S from Notre Dame
Jeremiah Dinson, S from Auburn
Bobby Price, S from Norfolk State
Luke Sellers, FB, South Dakota State
Arryn Siposs, P from Auburn
Steven Wirtel, LS from Iowa State

Zach Johnson, OT, North Dakota State University
Marc-Antoine Dequoy, DB Canada
Patrick Taylor, RB from Memphis
Stanford Samuels, CB from Florida State
Krys Barnes, LB, Cal
Will Sunderland, S from Oklahoma
Darrell Stewart, WR, Michigan State
Willington Previlon, DE from Rutgers
Jordan Jones, TE from Prairie View
Henry Black, S from Baylor
Travis Bruffy, OT Texas Tech
Tipa Galeai, DE from Utah State
Jalen Morton, QB from Prairie View
Frankie Griffin, LB from Texas State
Delontae Scott LB from SMU

Cordell Iwuagwu, G TCU
Auzoyah Alufohai, DT from West Georgia
Jamir Jones, LB from Notre Dame
Dylan Stapleton, TE, from James Madison
Scott Phillips, RB from Ole Miss
Tyler Simmons, WR from Georgia
Elex Woodworth, OL of North Texas
Jan Johnson, LB from Penn State
Nick Tiano, QB from UT-Chattanooga

Rodrigo Blankenship, K from Georgia
Travis Reed, CB, South Alabama
Kameron Cline, DT, South Dakota
Kendall Coleman, DE from Syracuse
Farrod Green, TE, Mississippi State
DeMichael Harris, WR from SMU
Carter O'donnell, OT Alberta
Donald Rutledge, S from Georgia Southern
Brandon Wellington, LB from Washington
Chris Williams, DT from Wagner

J. R. Reed, S from Georgia
Tavien Feaster, RB, South Carolina
Steven Nielson, OT Eastern Michigan
Ben Ellefson, TE, North Dakota State University
Nathan Cottrell, RB from Georgia Tech
Luqman Barcoo, CB from San Diego State University
Brandon Wright, K from Georgia State
James Robinson, RB from Illinois State
Doug Costin, DL, Miami (OH)
Ross Matiscik, LS from Baylor
Kobe Williams, CB Arizona State
Connor Slomka, FB Army
Nate Evans, LB by UCF
Josh Hammond, WR from Florida
Amari Henderson, CB from Wake Forest
Austen Pleasants, OL from Ohio
Marvelle Ross, WR from Notre Dame
Tre'Vour Wallace-Simms, OL from Missouri

Shea Patterson, QB from Michigan
Aleva Hifo, WR, Brigham Young
Andre Baccellia, WR from Washington
Maurice French, WR from Pittsbourgh
Kalija Lipscomb, WR from Vanderbilt
Justice Shelton-Mosley, WR from Vandebrilt
Cody White, a WR from Michigan State
Yasir Durant, G from Missouri
Darryl Williams, C, Mississippi State
Tershawn Wharton, DT from Missouri S&T
Omari Cobb, LB from Marshall
Bryan Wright, LB from Cincinnati
Javaris Davis, CB from Auburn
Lavert Hill-CB Michigan
Rodney Clemons, S from SMU
Jalen Julius, S from Mississippi
Hakeem Bailey, DB West Virginia
Tommy Townsend, P from Florida

Mariner George, WR from Utah State
Nick Bowers, TE, Penn State
Mike Panasiuk, DL, Michigan State
Javin White, LB from Nevada-Las Vegas
Mother Harper, CB, Southern Illinois
Liam McCullough, LS from Ohio State
Dominik Eberle, K from Utah State

Asmar Bilal, LB from Notre Dame
Darius Bradwell, RB from Tulane
Joshn Brannon, CB from Western Carolina
Cole Christiansen, LB from the Army
Jeff Cotton, WR from Idaho
Joshua Dunlap, G from Texas-San Antonio
Breiden Fehoko, NT Louisiana State
Romeo Finley, LB from Miami
Joe Graziano, De Northwestern
Nate Gilliam, G Wake Forest
Bobby Holly, FB Louisiana Tech
Jesse Lemonier, DE Liberty
Kevin McGill, CB Eastern Michigan
Gabe Nabers, FB, Florida State
Jared Rice, TE from Fresno State
Ryan Roberts, T, Florida State
Dalton Schoen, WR from Kansas State
T. J. Smith, DT from Arkansas
Donte Vaughn, CB Notre Dame

Daniel Bituli, LB, from Tennessee
Eric Banks, the DL from Texas-San Antonio
Cohl Cabral, OL from Arizona State
Earnest Edwards, WR from Maine
James Gilbert, RB, Kansas State
Mike Hoecht, DL Brown
JuJu Hughes, DB Fresno State
Trishton Jackson, WR from Syracuse
Xavier Jones, RB from SMU




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