The Uncanny X-Men has introduced the villan mutant more powerful?


Published on Jan 02, 2019


Warning: below are SPOILERS for the Uncanny X-Men #8 by Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, And Brisson, RB Silva, and Rachelle Rosenberg, is currently on sale.

The events of Uncanny X-Men, in the story arc “Disassembled”, have the X-Men against X-Man, aka Nate Grey. X-Man, is a powerful telepath on the timeline known as the age of Apocalypse.

Also the Legion, the powerful but unstable mutant telepathic son of professor X, has reappeared. Although the X-Men were trying to fold the Legion, some of their students, they released him and helped him to confront X-Man. It seems that the Legion has sent an X-Man and many of the students of the X-Men age of Apocalypse. X-Man, and those students are still trapped in that reality, post-apocalyptic. But, as she passed a year for them, in reality, it was only a few minutes.


In the age of Apocalypse, X-Man is helpless and the young X-Men debate whether to kill an X-Man or help him or her to regain their powers. The fight ends when the Bishop arrives on the scene to try to save them. At this point, X-Man begins to realize that something is wrong. While the young mutants are all transformed by their transfer to the Age of Apocalypse, Bishop is not changed. X-Man realizes that this world is all in the mind of the Legion. As the most powerful telepath in the world, X-Man begins to fight against the psyche of a Legion. X-Man manages to take control of the mind of Legion and expels the other X-Men. In the real world, X-Man takes control of the body of the Legion, which is physically changed by the appearance of the white strip of hair X-Man, and tattoo on the chest.

X-Man is already a mutant powerful enough to alter reality, but it is now in the possession of the faculties of the considerable Legion. The legion also has a history of reshaping reality to her whims. Now X-Man has the power of two mutants that distort the reality. With all this power at his disposal, it seems that we are officially on the road to a Age of X-Man.

The Uncanny X-Men has introduced the villan mutant more powerful? is




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