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Published on Feb 19, 2019


The family Hargreeves is composed of seven young people who were adopted (but perhaps it would be more correct to say “bought”) by billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves in virtue of a feature that is very bizarre that unites them: the circumstances of their birth.

A day, and more precisely on October 1, 1989, 43 women became pregnant and have given birth simultaneously, in spite of the fact that at the beginning of the same day, none of them was pregnant. Sir Reginald Hargreeves so she decided to adopt seven and turn them into a team of superheroes, even if in truth its methods are decidedly unorthodox, they have affected in a very negative way on the normal development of children, with the end result of a dysfunctional family composed of adoptive siblings with psychological problems and disorders of various kinds.


Sir Reginald Hargreeves loved so much his adopted children by choosing to call them each with a number from 1 to 7: the practicality first of all. This already reveals how the human aspect and the healthy growth of the boys are out of the thoughts of this strange man of affairs, who dehumanizes his children by depriving them of their name replaced by a number. However, the guys all have a name. Well, almost all. But who are the members of the Umbrella Academy? I will present briefly:

What makes it atypical in this story are the protagonists, who share a common sense of frustration and a series of psychological stress of all that I have been forced to endure during their childhood: even if from their point of view, then they were just children, not the saw so that the them for nothing, loving father, who has always worked hard to transform the boys into superheroes, that one day they would save the world.


Now many years have passed since the members of the Umbrella Academy and they all lived under the same roof, but an unexpected event will cause them to return to the old home of their Academy: with immense regret on the part of his children (yes, I'm sarcastic), Sir Reginald Hargreeves has died, apparently in circumstances of all-natural. Once gathered there, the brothers discover a reality even more terrifying: the Number Five, which had now disappeared for years without trace, rematerializes in front of the astonished eyes of his brothers, revealing to them that, thanks to its power, has failed to travel well ahead in time have discovered not only that soon there will be a real Revelation, but also the exact day that will happen: now, it is necessary to join forces to fight this latest threat.


Holding together people with character and features as well different, and for now have lost contact between them for many years and there are so much with the head is not an easy undertaking, and Sir Reginald knew it well: every one of them has lived in a nightmare different during their childhood, but all of this was necessary because the six young people endowed with powers, by which Vanya has always been kept separate, they can effectively fight crime.

The problem is that all these tortures, have had the effects can be devastating on the psyche of young people, and is not excluded that some of the typical traits of these characters are atypical due to the abuse suffered at an early age: the drug dependence that you suffer Klaus, the sense of insecurity and the will of the isolation of Luther, the character, impetuous and out of the mold of Diego, the desire to Allyson to not use his power, the cynicism of the Number 5, the fate of Ben and the inferiority complex of Vanya.

But Sir Reginaldha evidently always thought that the happiness of only seven individuals could be expendable, in visrtù of a higher purpose: the common good and the salvation of the world. So, to bring out and exploit to the maximum the potential of the boys, this man has orchestrated a series of elaborate specific methods to stimulate the powers of each of them, but without caring of the effects that these procedures would have produced in the minds of children so young.

And always in virtue of a common good, you will discover gradually that the founder of the Umbrella Academy has warp a dense network of lies, in which the children are sadly trapped.


Not revealing more about the plot of The Umbrella Academy, but have to be made some considerations at a general level: the series is almost split into two parts, the first of which sometimes is really boring, inconclusive, and unnecessarily verbose, to the point of inducing almost to be abandoned, also because of the fact that some questions remain unsolved (but is likely to be performed in a possible second season of the series). From the sixth episode onwards, however, the matter becomes more interesting: the nodes start to come to a head, many dynamics, as the foundation of the Accademia and passed to Number Five (what the Hell has he done in all these years? Where is the state? That work has played, if it played one?), find an explanation, and outline the traits of the villain of the first season.


The Umbrella Academy is on the whole a television series pleasant, you find the narrative interesting, and the characters of a certain thickness, antagonists included, in which the line between good and evil and that between sanity and madness is often very vague, but that flaw for an initial part, decidedly weaker than the second. Consisgliato to those who have read the original comic on which it is based the series, but also to those who want to immerse themselves in a world of superheroes, dysfunctional and severely traumatized during their childhood, to an original vision of the classic world of superheroes and superpowers.

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