The Umbrella Academy: coming to a TV series on Netflix?

Published on Jul 07, 2017

Netflix seems determined to produce a TV series based on The Umbrella Academy, the comic strip created and developed by Gerard Way

Some rumors report that Netflix would be strongly interested in producing a TV series just on The Umbrella Academy, a comic series created and developed by Gerard Way, former leader of the punk-rock band My Chemical Romance.

The brand Netflix continues to attract more and more users thanks to its original content and strong ability of diversification of the offer, and, in spite of some of the flagship products have been cancelled because of low ratings generated (as in the case of Sense8), the behemoth of streaming seems more than willing to explore new areas and new areas from which to draw ideas, as in the case of The Umbrella Academy.

Party in 2007 and published by Dark Horse Comics, the comic strip drawn by Gabriel Bá has seen the release of three series with a fourth in development.

The story The Umbrella Academy takes place in 1977, in an alternative timeline in which John F. Kennedy was never assassinated, following the adventures of a ragtag group of superhero misfits who reunite after nine years to face a lethal threat and try to save the whole world.

In 2010, the rights of the comic series were bought by Universal Pictures and the design of the television adaptation was then shelved. In 2015, it was then the turn of Universal Cable Production announce the launch of a TV series.

Now, apparently, the ball is passed to Netflix, which, after a long legal dispute, aimed at the adjudication of the rights of The Umbrella Academy, and with the involvement of Jeremy Slater, writer for the show, The Exorcist, seems to have every intention to finally fulfil this transposition of the television.

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Source: Screenrant

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