The turn of Liam Payne, from One Direction to the nude photos


Published on Jul 11, 2019


The young boybander has grown

In late 2010, Simon Cowell, cunning, and unscrupulous record producer, the british as well as historical judge of the English version of the X Factor created One Direction, one of the pleasing target-the most famous in the history of music. Simon had seen the great potential of these five young boys come to him for the auditions of the talent, and the story would give reason.

Later Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Rt Malik, Niall Horan and Harry Styles were together for 5 years, traveling the world and cranking out by the contract an album every year. Then, the dissolution, or better, the break. A jump to 2019 makes us see how they've changed the members of One Direction, and what they are combining now.

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Harry Styles has become the icon indie who has always dreamed of becoming. Louis Tomlinson has shown great quality from the point of view of music writing and, despite the family tragedies that struck, has churned out new music, and the same as they did in these four years, Niall and I finally.

The change is most surprising, however, happened in Liam Payne, who after breaking up with the band has changed all of style, both on a musical level and the aesthetic. More and more adult and sexy, Liam has taken on a style more sporty and glamour, very different from that of his colleagues, and it is launched without a parachute in a life unrestrained, always in the company of beautiful women. A few months ago, it was rumored even his love affair with Naomi Campbell.

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To set the seal on this evolution, comes a nude photos. The photographer of fashion Mert Alas has posted on his profile Instagram, and how easy it is to imagine the fans of the pop star are crazy. In the shot, inspired by the one made by the same photographer, who saw it as a protagonist Kate Moss, we see Liam's shoulders, completely naked, sitting on the small chairs by the director, turned slightly towards the camera.

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