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Published on Jun 24, 2019


As previously reported, Warner Bros. has intention of creating a spin-off from the horror of Aquaman (as seen in the collections record made from the film) focuses on the monstrous creatures of the Pit. Speaking to Comicbook, in occasion of the promotion of Annabelle 3, James Wan has released more details on the project.

“We are still deeply engaged in creating the screenplay, so I can't dwell much on the matter, but surely it will be placed in the horror genre. More than a cinecomics, it will be a horror movie about monsters that are, however, part of the world of Aquaman”.

These are the words instead of the producer Peter Safran to The Hollywood Reporter: “We have always loved the idea of making a spin-off on the Pit” the words of the manufacturer “When the audience is interested in this world in the film, we realized that we had to deepen it and extend it because he had something special. Accordingly, the events of the film take place after Aquaman, and I expect that the bait substantially before Aquaman 2. All the production team, for the tone, will surely be inspired by The Conjuring”.

Earlier, responding to a Twitter, the same James Wan has shown enthusiasm for the birth of Aquaman's Cinematic Universe into the Worlds of DC.

According to what reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald were engaged to take care of the screenplay for the spin-off centred on the Pit, the place of Atlantis, inhabited by monstrous creatures. Together with Wan, you will involved as a producer Peter Safran. Being a spin-off, will not be involved with the main stars of the franchise (as the same Jason Momoa or Amber Heard) and should arrive in theaters before the sequel to direct Aquaman.

While the discourse on the spin-off still remains open, on a sequel to Aquaman there are no doubts: to take care of the script of this second chapter will be, as reported by The Wrap, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (who co-wrote the first film with Will Beall). The director should go back to James Wan, who with Johnson-McGoldrick has collaborated and will collaborate for The Conjuring 2 The Conjuring 3.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. is reportedly insisting to return back James Wan to directing, despite the entourage of the director, has made know how to the same Wan want a break after the grueling work of promotion and production of the first film. The creation of the sequel, therefore, may not be so immediate (given the release date is set for 2022), but, with patience on the part of WB and a screenplay worthy, with a lot of chances Wan will return to direct a movie of these cases, better to take more time doing things slow, but being almost certain of the success of the work.

Previously, Total Film, the same James Wan had spoken of his ideas for the sequel: “The world of Aquaman has several textures within it, not only the personal history of Arthur. It would be interesting and fun to learn more about the history of the seven kingdoms, for example.”

The words of the director are echoed by those of the actor Jason Momoa: “I definitely have ideas about it,” he explains in an interview at SyFy Wire, “Even during filming, I had some ideas to develop in Aquaman 2. I have proposed everything that came in my mind to the producer Peter Safran and president of Warner Bros. Toby Emmerich, and have now appreciated. It is fantastic, I definitely have precise ideas on how to develop the story of Arthur”.

With a production budget of about $ 200 million, Aquaman has grossed globally the beauty of more than a billion dollars, becoming the most successful movies at the Box Office of DC Comics.

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