The trailer of “Blessed Ignorance”, the new comedy, with Marco Giallini e Alessandro Gassmann

Published on Feb 01, 2017

Here is the trailer of “Blissful Ignorance”, a film by Massimiliano Bruno and Marco Giallini, Alessandro Gassman, Valeria Bilello, Carolina Crescentini and Teresa Romagnoli. The film will be released in cinemas on 23rd February. Ernesto (Marco Giallini) and Filippo (Alessandro Gassman) have two personalities are poles apart and a single point in common: they are both professors of high school. Philip is a cheerful, progressive, perpetually connected to the web. Beautiful and carefree is a seducer serial on social networks. Is able to seduce also his students thanks to an app, created by him, which makes it an immediate solution to every possible calculation. Ernesto is a severe conservative, strictly without a computer, a traditionalist with his students, which makes austerity a point of honor, and has a life completely outside of the network. It is probably the last possessor of the living of a Nokia ’95. One time they were “best friends” but a clash is profound and never resolved them kept away, until the day in which they find themselves fatally to teach in the same class. Their conflicting points of view lead them inevitably to a new war. Will be forced to face the past that will return, in the form of Nina, a girl who them will a simple experiment that turns into a big challenge: Philip must try to exit from the network, and Ernesto to go inside. This trip will change profoundly, forcing them to find a balance, always a most rare and delicate to the present day, including the global consciousness of those who entrust themselves to the network and the total indifference of those who obstinately resist to the bitter end to the digital age.

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