The tragedy of Arnold Schwarzenegger


Published on Oct 29, 2019


The actor was forced to flee from his home due to fires

Arnold Schwarzenegger was forced to flee from home in the midst of the terrible fires in California and the premiere of his movie “Terminator: rise of the Fairies” has been cancelled. The former governor of the golden State, 72 years old, announced to have put safe and has invited the thousands of people in the areas of evacuation to follow his example.

“We were evacuated in safety at 3:30 this morning,” she tweeted. If you are in an evacuation zone, outputs. At this moment I am grateful to the best firefighters in the world, the real heroes of action who feel the danger and protect their fellow californians”.

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The ex-wife of Terminator star, Maria Shriver , tweeted that she was evacuated: “I'm so grateful to our fire fighters who put their lives in danger for all of us. We were evacuated, but we are safe. We pray for our neighbors, “ he wrote.

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The news of the evacuation came when Paramount Pictures announced the cancellation of the premiere of “Terminator: the Dark Fate”, to be held at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood on Monday: “in The light of the continuous fires that are active in the course in the area, Paramount Pictures and Skydance have cancelled the premiere of Terminator: the Dark Fate of Los Angeles,” said Paramount to The Hollywood Reporter .

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