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Published on Dec 06, 2018


It's been a few months since Rat and Kaidu have foiled the attack aimed to kill the General of All the Blades, but of course the troubles are not finished, quite the contrary! The City, in fact, he falls again into chaos, and the diplomatic solution was devised by the father of Kai to guarantee to the inhabitants some control over their destiny always finds increased opposition among the ranks of the soldiers. To make things more complicated, the Rat may be in possession of the key to bring to light a frightening weapon created by the mysterious founders of the City... a secret hidden for centuries and that is now in the sights of the Dao. If reveal means to betray the City, not to do so would condemn everything that the guys have more expensive...

Also in this volume the basis of the story and of the plot is the friendship between Kaidu and the Rat, who by now have managed to build a friendly relationship solid in spite of the different origin and in spite of the climate, certainly not friendly, that exists between the different populations that live in that city (so much so that the Rat comes to forget that his friend is a Dao). Another key element is the secret that the monks, with which the Rat lives, hide out and that is tempting to the opponents of Andren, who, as said, has convinced the lord of the city to create a council on which sit all the populations that live there. However, the road to achieve it will be very uphill.

This second volume presents us with surely a plot much more focused on action than the first volume, that almost half of you bothered to introduce us the characters of the story. Now that these are already known, from the first pages you will note a faster pace that fits various episodes, all of which lead, ultimately, to a final however, given the plot, it will find its worthy conclusion only in the third and final volume.

The pace of the volume can be seen as a very positive thing compared to what we saw before, however, it is not possible to emphasize how the plot is very linear in the performance and that the story is practically devoid of the subplots of relief that are able to give out even to the other characters; which is a shame, because this is a story that is also a question of tolerance, because a character such as Iniko could have been investigated, most in his feelings, instead, the author has only thrown a few clues, but then he abandoned the thing. We'll see if the third volume I shall have occasion to change my mind.

Ovviamene the style is rather cartoonish Hicks does not change, showing the influence of the comics of the east which is not bad given the setting. We always note a certain skill in the construction of the tables, and in the shots, very cinematic.

The volume also contains, in the last pages, a note by the author in which she tells of the sources from which he drew to create The Town with no name from the point of view of the historical setting, note followed by a few preparatory drawings and sketches of the characters.

You remember, finally, that all three volumes of the saga are already available on sale in a plastic case.


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